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  • 1/A-CO, 1-2IN - Alpha Company, First Platoon

    Start: 12/19/21 20:00
    End: 12/19/21 22:00
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit



    Move to 188 Training Post to train on Frontal Attack, conduct Frontal Attack on OBJ Towels, return to 188 TP to train on Penetration, and conduct Penetration on OBJ Paper.



    Areas of Strength

    1. Movement: Squads maneuvered quickly while mounted and dismounted to set up and conduct Platoon attacks; and elements utilized appropriate formations and intervals.
    2. Suppression: Gunners very accurately and effectively suppressed numerous enemy positions; by establishing fire superiority, the Platoon was able to assault through both objectives.
    3. Concealment: Widowmakers employed smoke (105mm, 60mm, 40mm, grenades) to screen movements across ODAs and open flanks; this limited the enemy's ability to ID and track individual targets, including our vics.

    Areas of Weakness

    1. Convoy Operations: TCs must ensure their gunners are covering their respective sectors of fire; 360°security is imperative; and Drivers need to maintain active comms during operations, starting with radio checks and continuing with turns, hazards, route changes, etc.
    2. React to IDF: Put Battle Drill 9. into practice; when taking artillery or mortar fire, call "Incoming!", get down, and crawl to the nearest covered position; follow your FTL, SL, or other Soldiers in your element to the designated rally point; get off the "X"!
    3. Time: Soldiers must utilize time as a resource, moving with purpose and working to accomplish objectives without unnecessary delay; load, stage, and mount vehicles quickly, and be prepared to move!

    Suggested Improvements

    First Platoon will train further on convoy operations (i.e. comms, all-around security, etc.), utilizing intervals and cover to mitigate IDF, and achieving objectives within time constraints.

    Mission Summary

    First Platoon formed up at Camp McCarran and convoyed east-northeast to 188 Training Post. There PLT HQ briefed Soldiers on Front Attack. Squad Leaders formulated a plan to conduct a Front Attack on OBJ Towels. Squads then formed a platoon line 300m of Pieperhofen while Scorpion Actual called arty HE and smoke onto the western side of objective. Spartans followed up with 60mm mortar smoke as EI began taking positions on the near side of the objective.

    Widowmakers began the attack and moved east to contact. Second and Fourth Squads moved into Sector 1 while First and Third breached Sector 2. Pushing east slowly but surely, the Platoon cleared the town block by block, taking heavy small arms fires and casualties from covered and concealed positions. In spite of several MCIs, Squads continued pushing into Sector 3, clearing the area of EI and a ZSU-23, in addition to shooting down an enemy Mi-8. After blunting an enemy counter-attack from the MSR east, we broke contact and convoyed back to 188 Training Post.

    There, Soldiers learned about Penetration. Squads Leaders again devised a plan of attack together and began moving north to OBJ Paper. Widowmakers conducted soft dismounts roughly 300m south of OBJ Paper and began moving north in a loose column. Taking positions among a farm on the southern perimeter, we once again deployed smokes in ODA. Taking fire from enemy forces in the objective, Squads began bounding north up the axis of advance to conduct a breach.

    Once in the objective, the Platoon divided and conquered, with First and Second moving west, Third moving north, and Fourth moving east. Clearing the objective, Widowmakers destroyed a large number of EI in addition to several crew-served weapons and vehicles. With the town secure, Soldiers rallied on the central T-intersection and convoyed south to 188 Training Post for exfil. The mission started at 1500 and ended at 1730. Mission was COMPLETED.


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    Overall Sentiment