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  • 3CAB - 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Headquarters

    Start: 02/05/22 20:00
    End: 02/05/22 23:00
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit



    Discussion on Aviation Brigade ethics, values and standards of Flight Personnel.

    Training on AH-64D Apache

    • Air to Air Combat
    • Air to Ground Combat; APC's, IFV's, Tanks, and Anti-Air
    • Air to Ground Combat; Mobile Infantry


    3 x destroyed AH-64D Apache during Air to Air Combat and Air to Ground against APC's, IFV's, Tanks, and Anti-Air assests.

    Areas of Strength

    Effecttive communication between Pilot and Gunner in AH-64D, Overall good communication between different aircrafts in the air, Ability to engage and lock onto static/mobile targets have increased.

    Areas of Weakness

    Ensure you change laser codes to prevent locking onto the same laser target as another AH-64D.

    Suggested Improvements

    Training on auto-rotation and emergency landing procedures with a significantly damaged airframe.

    Mission Summary


    Overall Sentiment