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  • 1/1/A-CO, 1-2IN - Alpha Company, First Platoon, First Squad

    Start: 02/20/22 20:00
    End: 02/20/22 22:05
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit


    SPC K.Holmes


    Conduct ambush 

    Bolster Civilian relations



    Areas of Strength

    Formations, Communication, Medical

    Areas of Weakness

    Command pickup

    Suggested Improvements

    Improve the pickup procedures when a leader goes down.

    Mission Summary

    Scorpions moved from the FOB to OBJ Red Cross where we resupplied the civilians and conducted a presence patrol, once we moved though the town we setup on the north east side of the town where we then took contact from the north. The squad identified an enemy spotter in a red warehouse, getting permission from platoon, scorpions moved to clear it out, there 3 mobile rocket artillery was identified along with a large munitions cache, to avoid casualties from the cookoff the decision was made not to destroy them. From there Scorpions were tasked with identifying an ambush location for a platoon ambush. Once a location was found the platoon set in and started prepping a V-Shaped ambush, when this was identified as a tactical error the ambush was changed to an L-Shaped, after the switch the ambush was successful. Once platoon got reorganized, another convoy was identified and another ambush set, this too went smoothly. After the last  ambush the platoon exfilled by chopper.

    Overall Sentiment