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  • Mission Hell's Gate

    Start: 03/05/17 20:00
    End: 03/05/17 22:00

    With First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg deploying via Airborne insertion to the SouthEast Island, which was a strong hold of the Abramian Rebel Alliance and its training grounds for developing cells of Human trafficking, Arms dealing and drug smuggling, and having eliminated a large amount of  Abramian Rebel at the multiple bases and camps throughout the island. Intel collected from the Abramian Rebel Alliance Army complex(089015) by Second Platoon, Alpha Company has revealed the whereabouts of FORMER Police Chief and now enemy of the Abramia Government, Chief Harken. Held up as a last ditch effort to repeal all forces at an old Mental Asylum (081035) just North of the Abramian Rebel Alliance main island.  Chief Harken is said to have ordering his men to hold this area at all costs and ordered any remaining  Abramian Rebel from all areas of the country to return here to protect  their  Abramian Rebel leaders until they can extract sometime soon!

    Alpha Company, First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg returning back to Yolandi-Altis International Airport to rearm and get back to combat status after healing some sprained ankles received during their combat jump are ordered to “heal quick” and prepare for insert into and around the village of Blanco (081041) and the Mental Asylum (081035). Chief Harken is said to believed to be held up in his well protected house (082036 KP1) just inside the castle like build asylum.  Mission is to capture Chief Harken alive so he can face crimes of treason for attempting to overthrow President General Dragan and the Abramia Government. So no mortar, artillery or CAS will be authorized within the Asylum walls.