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The Third Infantry Division was established July 4th, 2003 in support of America's Army 2 and Day of Defeat. We are one of the longest running realism units and are well known and respected within the PC Gaming Community. Through the years we have continued to strive for excellence in everything that we do. Our longevity and success can be directly attributed to our leadership, promoted from within to be servant-leaders who truly care, inspire, and lead their soldiers.

Unit Organization

1st Battalion Headquarters
Alpha Company 1st Platoon
Alpha Company 2nd Platoon
3rd Combat Aviation Brigade

Available MOS

11B Infantry
68W Combat Medic
25C Radio Operator
13F Forward Observer
153A Rotary Wing Aviator
19D Calvary Scout
11A Infantry Officer


Basic and Advanced Combat Training (OSUT)
Combat Life Saver
Airborne and Air Assault Schools
Expert Medical and Infantryman Courses
Flight School (Rotary)
Ranger School
Basic and Advanced Leadership Courses
First Sergeant and Officer Candidate Schools

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Armed Assault III

2 Active Platoons
1 x Public Vanilla Server
1 x Public Modded Operation Server
3 x Private Training/Operations Servers
Modpack Repository - ACRE, CBA, Ace, CUP, RHS