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  • Military Occupational Specialty

    • Unit Organization

      The Third Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit places itself within the US Army's Third Infantry Division's Command Structure. Currently we operate at the Battalion level, with 1 Company and an attached Combat Aviation Brigade in support of Armed Assault 3.

    • Combat Military Occupational Specialty

      The Combat Military Occupational Specialty is the assigned MOS of a soldier filling their combat role within the unit. Generally, all new soldiers enlisting into the unit will enter as an 11B, then as they progress through the ranks they have the option to transfer into one of the other MOS roles to fill billets as needed. The Combat MOS is the primary role for every soldier in the unit.
      The infantry officer is responsible for leading the infantry and combined armed forces during land combat. They are accountable for the overall training and development of their subordinate soldiers.
      1. Minimum required rank - Sergeant.
      2. Selected to fill an Officer billet.
      3. Maintain the highest level of discipline and accountability.
      4. Have a drive to be a servant leader.
      5. Completed the Warrior Leader's Course.
      6. Must complete Officer Candidate School.
      The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. They are responsible for defending our country against any threat by land, as well as capturing, destroying and repelling enemy ground forces.
      1. Induction into unit.
      The Forward Observer is placed within the Platoon Headquarters and reports directly to the Platoon Staff. The Forward Observer is tasked with operation of drones for intelligence gathering, call for fire using mortar or artillery, and direct Close Air Support (CAS).
      1. Minimum required rank - Specialist
      2. Must complete 13F training program.
      3. Demonstrated proficiency reading maps and use of required equipment.
      4. Have clear, concise, and proficient radio communications ability.
      5. Be selected to fill a Platoon Forward Observer (FO) billet.
      The crew chief is in charge of the entire helicopter crew and is considered responsible for everything that happens in or to the helicopter. They give instructions to the pilots, operate the machine gun, drop smoke grenades to mark landing zones, and help to maintain the helicopter.
      1. Minimum required rank - Private First Class
      2. Must complete 15T training program.
      The cavalry scout is responsible for being the eyes and ears of the commander during battle and provide security at a company level. They engage the enemy in the field, track and report their activity and direct the employment of weapon systems to their locations.
      1. Minimum required rank - Private Second Class
      2. Must complete 19D training program.
      Radio operators are responsible for the maintenance of radio communication equipment. This equipment needs to consistently work in order for the Army to direct the movement of its troops. In combat they accompany the platoon staff and relay communications through the use of the radio communication equipment.
      1. Minimum required rank - Private First Class
      2. Must complete 25C training program.
      3. Must have clear, concise, and proficient radio communications ability.
      4. Must be selected to fill a Platoon Radiotelephone Operator (RTO) billet.
      S-2 is the Intelligence Branch that manages the Collection, Analysis and Coordination of information for utilisation by combat elements within the 3rd Infantry Division. The Intelligence Officer is in charge of Planning Intelligence Operations, Disseminating Intelligence Information and Analyzing the Area of Operations.
      1. Minimum required rank - Second Lieutenant
      2. Ability to create and test Maps and Missions that will be used for upcoming operations.
      3. Maintain the highest level of discipline and commitment.
      4. Must complete 35A training program.
      5. Have a drive to be a servant leader.
      6. Completed the Warrior Leader's Course.
      7. Must complete Officer Candidate School.
      8. Must be selected to fill Intelligence Officer billet.
      The combat medic is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment at point of wounding on the battlefield, limited primary care, and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness.
      1. Minimum required rank - Private First Class
      2. Must complete 68W training program.
      3. Must be selected to fill a Platoon Combat Medic or Flight Medic billet.
      The Rotary Wing Aviator is responsible for all flying all aircraft within the unit's arsenal including the AH-64D Apache, UH-72A Lakota, UH-60L Black Hawk, and CH-47F Chinook. Aviators fill many roles within the unit ranging from troop and equipment transport, medical evacuation, close air support, air assault operations, and to provide security (area, patrol, convoy).
      1. Minimum required rank - Private First Class
      2. Must complete flight school.
    • Duty Military Occupational Specialty

      To be mission capable, there are many non-combat duties that must be completed in the background. The Duty Military Occupational Specialty is a secondary role that can be taken by those soldiers who wish to contribute to the unit's day to day functions.
      Roster Maintenance Specialist (42A)
      • Process Profile Updates.
      • Update Arma Squad XML.
      • Ensure Personnel files are up to date and formatted correctly.
      • Update teamspeak channels as needed.

      Electronic Maintenance Chief (94W)
      • Create and test maps and missions that will be used in upcoming operations. (Arma 3)
      • Create, maintain, update, and publish all official 3rd Infantry Division Maps and Missions. (AAPG & Insurgency)
      • Test user made maps before approving and uploading the UMM to our servers. (AAPG & Insurgency)
      Multimedia Illustrator (25M)
      • Creates recruitment advertisements in coordination with Recruiting and Retention Office.
      • Creates new squad and identification patches as needed.
      • Assists the Uniform Update team during times of peak tasks.

      Uniform Updater (21Y)
      • Creates and updates uniforms both for a soldier's personnel file and for their signature.
      • Ensures all uniforms meet requirements and standards set forth by Army Regulations 670-1 and by those of unit leadership.

      Documentation Production Specialist (25V)
      • Creates, updates, and maintains unit-related documentation such as policies, procedures, protocols, and training manuals.
      Land Combat Support System Specialist (94A)
      • Update Game Servers.
      • Maintain server configuration files.
      • Start/stop and restart servers as needed.

      Technical Engineer (12T)
      • Maintain and supervise unit operations and infrastructure.
      • Maintain and manage website and server installations and updates.
      • Maintain database data and updates.
      • Maintain unit's email and teamspeak communications systems.
      • Maintain unit's game server management systems. (TCAdmin, Arma Remote Admin)
      • Perform routine maintenance on unit servers to improve efficiency.
      Range Safety Officer
      • Ensure the safety of weapons in firing ranges.
      • Ensures all weapons are properly accounted for and maintained.
      • Helps keep records of times and scores during training events as needed.
      • Contact and assist new soldiers prior to attending BCT to ensure they are prepared for training. (Modpack, map files, etc)
      • Assists Cadre with conducting training as needed.
      • Assist graduates of courses with submitting profile and uniform update requests.

      Drill Instructor
      • Has experience as a Range Safety Officer.
      • Ensures discipline among Range Safety Officers and trainees during all training events.
      • Leads individual training portions of Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training.
      • Assists with hosting of advanced training events.
      • Updates event rosters on the forums.
      • Has experience as a Range Safety Officer.
      • Assists Drill Sergeants with Drill Sergeant Logs.

      Drill Sergeant
      • Has experience as a Drill Instructor.
      • Responsible for overall discipline, safety, and accountability during training events.
      • Maintains and updates training materials and procedures.
      • Organizes training events and posts sign up information on the forums.
      • Conduct and oversees training events including BCT/AIT.
      • Administers and records Individual Entry Training testing.
      • Responsible for creation and updating of Drill Sergeant Logs.
      Journalist (46Q)
      • Writes news articles for our website regarding promotions and awards ceremonies, special events, operations, competitive matches, etc.
      • Writes news articles for publication within the quarterly newsletter.
      • Assists Communications Specialists with preparation work for the monthly podcast.
      • Assists Recruiting and Retention Office and Combat Imaging and Documentation teams to ensure public media and documentation are legible, grammatically correct, and present a professional image for the unit.

      Broadcast Combat Journalist (46R)
      • Record video footage of operational missions.
      • Record video or screenshots of promotion ceremonies, training events, and public events.
      • Create edited videos both for recruiting and for unit morale purposes.
      • Live stream unit events and missions on Twitch.

      Communications Specialist (46N)
      • Create, edit, and publish quarterly newsletter.
      • Create, edit, and publish monthly podcast.
      • Maintains unit's social media accounts including Facebook and Youtube.
      • Provide media training and feedback to unit leadership and PAO staff.
      • Supervise Journalists and Broadcast Combat Journalists.
      • Communicate, coordinate, and gain the support of the American Public, other gaming units, and other external communities.
      • Plan and coordinate community events such a Pub-a-thons, Pub-nights, etc.
      Recruiter (79R)
      • Post recruitment ads on game forums
      • Help new recruits with mod installation required to join our servers
      • Participates in mandatory public sessions held monthly by the RRO
      • Populate Vanilla server of the unit, in order to bring recruits to try our modded servers
      • Assist the recruit (once you have been assigned a recruit by the processor) during his interview process
      • Be the first to respond to people who is waiting on Recruiter’s Office
      • Adds Recruit to Steam & Steam group when finished
      • Process the application posted on forums
      • Given correct permissions on Teamspeak
      • Conduct a basic background check (include past behavior in previous unit, if he uses cheats, etc)
      • Conduct the New Soldier Orientation
      • Process application through PERSCOM
      • Ensures that the recruit's new Squad Leader and Fireteam Leaders are informed VIA PM on website and given new soldiers name and steam information.

      Senior Recruiter (79S)
      • Adds enlisted soldiers to Steam and to the unit's steam group.
      • Conducts basic background checks to include past behaviour in previous units, steam VAC bans, etc.
      • Ensures new soldiers understand chain of command, TPR/LOA systems, and accountability requirements.
      • Introduces new soldiers to their Fireteam and Squad leaders via PM and if possible, in person on teamspeak.
      • Be active on your games' realism/public server(s).
      • Post on, and be actively recruiting on, any forum or website (e.g. Steam forums, reddit etc.)
      • Vote on Clan-list and ensure others do so as well.
      • Tag yourself as 3rd ID with "[3rd ID]" at the end of your Steam name.
      • Attend the quarterly 'pub-a-thon' to populate unit servers.
      • Constantly strive to ensure your orientations provide all the necessary information to applicants and their new Fire-Team Leader/Squad Leader/Platoon Staff.
      • Complete all assigned applications within 96 hours and expect that others will complete it for you if this is not achieved.
      • Maintain the professionalism of New Soldier Orientations and restrict them to only those involved in the interview process.

      Master Recruiter (79T)
      • Ensure Recruiters complete all assigned applications within 96 hours and expect that others will complete it for you if this is not achieved.
      • Ensure all points of New Soldier Orientation have been addressed with new enlistments.
      • Approves Soldiers for Delayed Entry Program (15 Years of Age).
      • Ensures Soldiers enlisted 15-30 days submit a Soldier Development Questionnaire.
      • Assign Applications to Recruiters based on Timezone and Age.
      • Tag yourself as 3rd ID with "[3rd ID]" at the end of your Steam name.