• OSUT Graduation - 26SEP2020

    Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class 20-37 (ARMA3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah


    Private First Class Brandon Perez app_v.png.f62450fd531910d4cf91f45aaea65cASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d
    Private Second Class Jason Samuels  ASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d
    Private Second Class Mac Blaser  ASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d



  • 68W Combat Medic School - 27SEP2020


    68W Combat Medic School is designed to prepare future combat lifesavers, platoon medics, and MEDEVAC personnel. By graduation, you will be familiar with the intricacies of ACE Medical. You will learn to use all of the medical equipment available to you, and you will learn the difference between various injuries and their treatments. Candidates complete a written test, movement under fire, TCCC patient assessment, patient extraction and evacuation techniques, bleeding control, triage, basic and advanced treatments, radio communications, and LZ establishment.

    The following Soldiers have successfully completed 68W Medic School Class 20-01:


    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Brendan Moose icon_68W.png
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Luke VanDenburgh icon_68W.png
    pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acdPrivate First Class Steve Klein icon_68W.png


    CW2.png.ead3384e4d24df7c4230f8cfc0ee188eChief Warrant Officer 2 Curtis Brennan
    WO1.png.68330bd125bffa17f877f09138d8e2c6Warrant Officer 1 Garry Beaudoin


    sgt.png.70c34451dcf0d5dfe0f98fd359e1dd4bSergeant Christoph Brock

  • Gold Star Mother's and Family's Day



    Gold Star Mother’s Day began in the United States in 1936. Every last Sunday of September since then when a service member dies while on duty a Gold Star lapel button is issued to the surviving family members of the fallen service member. This allowed members of the fallen’s community to know the price their family had paid for service to their country.

    When a son or daughter of a parent joins the US Armed Forces during times of hostilities their mother receives a service flag with a blue star. In the event their child dies in the line of duty a gold star is given to the mother of the fallen and that flag can be displayed to show the service and sacrifice of that family. 

    There are many ways a fallen’s family can reach out to the community of fellow fallen families during the last Sunday of September. They can attend official gatherings at military installations or veteran organizations such as the American Legion. This is an important opportunity for many families to grieve and find solace in the child’s sacrifice to their country.

  • Land Navigation Course 26SEP2020


    Congratulations to the soldiers of Land Navigation Course class 20-03 (ARMA3) for successful completion of Land Navigation training! The Land Navigation course is designed teach the fundamentals of basic land navigating skills. This course assists Soldiers in Infantry and non-Infantry fitted rolls to understand the techniques required to land navigate. Students learn navigating from one point on the ground to another point individually. 


    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Alex Cruze
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Brendan Moose
    pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acdPrivate First Class Clifford Simpkins
    pv2.png.1d274ecf978e45d51de389c3017f6217Private Second Class Jorge Gomez


    2LT.png.90fa3b93aa2b9181d39f6a6304183106Second Lieutenant Bailey Lambert

  • 173rd Airborne School Graduation - 20SEP2020


    The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as "Jump Wings" or "Silver Wings" is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members awarded to U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

    Congratulations to the class of 20-03 (ARMA3) for completing Airborne School in conjunction with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Soldiers who have completed the school for the first time shall be awarded their Basic Parachutist Badge. Great job to everyone who attended. Hooah!


    2LT.png.90fa3b93aa2b9181d39f6a6304183106Second Lieutenant Bailey Lambert 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    sgt.png.70c34451dcf0d5dfe0f98fd359e1dd4bSergeant Christoph Brock 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611Corporal Eric Abel 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611Corporal Giancarlo Tucci 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Anthony Sam 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Michael Luckie 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Kyle Skitz 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5
    pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acdPrivate Second Class Roger Mullins 1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5

    173rd Airborne Instructors:

    2LT.png.90fa3b93aa2b9181d39f6a6304183106Second Lieutenant Austin Daniel
    WO2.pngWarrant Officer 2 Rhett Loughran
    ssg.png.53af58f044e61719d61456baf480810fStaff Sergeant Laia Arrieta
    sgt.png.70c34451dcf0d5dfe0f98fd359e1dd4bSergeant Luke Storey