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      Alpha Co. Opening notes
      Company Evals starting today

      Force Improvment Classes
      Land Navigation Course (april 20th)

      2LT C.Winters - 3 year (april 29th)
      SGT W.Fives - 3 year (april 19th)
      SGT A.Byrd - 2 year (april 9th)
      CPL R.Winters - 2 year (april 9th)
      SPC R.Sjordal - 2 year (april 11th)
      CW2 E.Poltorak - 1 year (april 30th)
      SGT D.Shade - 1 year (april 22nd)
      SPC A.Birdlike - 1 year (april 3rd)

      The Alpha Company Award Ceremony is a special occasion once a month to allow the unit commander to honor recipients who have been recognized for their accomplishments while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit.

      The Secretary of the Army has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence of the following Soldiers. In view of these qualities and their dedicated service to the 3rd Infantry Division, they are, therefore, promoted and awarded the following.

      The following Soldiers are promoted to

      W-1 Warrant Officer 1
      WOC J.White is being promoted to Warrant Officer 1

      E-7 Sergeant First Class
      SSG D.Marsh is being promoted to Sergeant First Class


      E-5 Sergeant
      CPL A.Byrd is being promoted to Sergeant


      E-4a Corporal
      SPC G.Nagy is being promoted to Corporal

      E-4b Specialist
      PFC S.Margretson is being promoted to Specialist
      PFC N.McIntosh is being promoted to Specialist
      PFC I.Bar-tal is being promoted to Specialist

      E-3 Private First Class
      PV2 B.Montana is being promoted to Private First Class
      PV2 S.Ohwo is being promoted to Private First Class
      PV2 F.Ramirez is being promoted to Private First Class
      PV2 J.Harro is being promoted to Private First Class
      PV2 J.Andersson is being promoted to Private First Class

      The following soldiers have been awarded:

      Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
      SPC Q.Clayton w "V" device
      MAJ J.LaFlash

      Good Conduct Medal 
      MAJ J.LaFlash
      CW2 E.Poltorak 
      WO1 D.Frost 
      WO1 K.Hall 
      WO1 J.White
      SFC D.Marsh
      SSG J.Duck 
      SSG R.Ivanov
      SSG J.Ayers
      OCS E.Babol
      SGT J.Nicholas
      SGT A.Shocked
      SGT D.Smiricky 
      SGT W.Fives 
      SGT A.Byrd 
      CPL J.Starling
      CPL M.Donnelly 
      CPL R.Winters
      CPL G.Nagy
      SPC G.Plunkett 
      SPC T.Pearson 
      SPC A.Birdlike
      SPC I.Franklin
      SPC N.Mcintosh 
      PFC J.Culvey  
      PFC T.Pearson 
      PFC J.Fuller

      Armed Forces Service Medal
      MAJ J.LaFlash - FIG
      1LT A.Vandle - INTEL
      CW2 L.Kelso - PAO
      SSG R.Ivanov - FIG
      SGT J.Nicholas - FIG
      SGT D.McKenzie - PAO
      SGT W.Fives - RRO
      SGT A.Byrd - RRO
      SPC A.Bills - RRO
      SPC P.Byrde - RRO, FIG

      Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
      SPC I.Franklin

      Army Achievement Medal
      SGT D.Smiřický
      CPL T.Hunter
      SPC J.Erickson
      SPC D.Hughson
      SPC X.Swoop
      SPC I.Bar-tal
      PFC E.Shmul
      PV2 Z.Ditto

      Army Commendation Medal
      CPL R.Winters
      SPC G.York

      National Defence Service Medal
      SPC N.McIntosh

      Joint Service Achievement Medal
      SGT W.Fives
      SPC J.Erickson
      SPC D.Hughson
      SPC Q.Clayton
      SPC A.Bills

      Joint Service Commendation Medal
      SPC B.Fitzgerald

      Humanitarian Service Medal
      1LT N.Cooper
      WO1 D.Frost
      WO1 J.White
      SSG J.Duck
      SSG N.Kovic

      NCO Proffesional Development Ribbon
      SGT A.Shock
      SGT K.Krios
      SGT A.Byrd
      CPL R.Winters
      CPL G.Nagy

      Soldiers Medal
      SGT D.Smiřický


      Air Assault Badge
      SGT A.Shocked
      WOC J.White

      French Fourragere
      SGT A.Shocked

    • Ready Brigade supports installation protection training exercise

      Photo by Sgt. Marlana Cureton

      Fort Stewart, Ga.- Observer, Coach/ Trainers (OC/Ts) assigned to 188th infantry brigade participated in the Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield annual Integrated Protection Exercise held at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Education Centers, March 20-21, 2024.

      Benjamin Franklin is credited with being the first to say the phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” In an emergency situation, the last thing that anyone wants to be is unprepared.

      Photo by Sgt. Marlana Cureton

      OC/Ts provided evaluations and after-action reviews during and after the training event to test the preparedness of the installation during the training by using real-world scenarios to validate the response to these complex and difficult situations.

      “The Installation Protection Exercise did real world Active Shooter and Bomb Threat scenarios,” said Maj. Justin Maroney, assigned to 188th infantry brigade, “there were many stakeholders involved in this exercise to include Military Police, Army Criminal Investigation Division, DPW, the Fire Department and school officials.”

      Maroney went on to explain that the key objectives of the training were to expose any gaps in the Emergency Operations plan, which will mitigate the loss of life and property in the future.

      Photo by Sgt. Marlana Cureton


      “We tailored the training by using real world scenarios, using real role players, and threw in scenarios as the exercise went on to stress emergency operators in making decision points,” said Maroney.

      Over the two day training event, multiple topics were covered; including a bomb threat, active shooters, barricaded suspects, hostage negotiation and power grid failure. Ensuring the training was effective and engaging for the participants was an integral part of the success of the mission.

      The directors of the training ensured that the scenarios were ongoing, so that there was no downtime. The planners, and role players used real-world scenarios that made the exercise as realistic as possible.

      In all planning situations strategies and techniques are vital, especially regarding response and risk mitigation during these emergency scenarios.

      “We emphasized time management for the response and waiting for backup to arrive so that Law Enforcement did not have to enter the building alone,” said Maroney, “ for both exercises we stressed that communication was the key.”

      As with any exercise, there were challenges to overcome, such as having too many evaluators in the training area, which caused confusion in some areas, but overall the training was productive.

      “A success story was seeing the components get better with every iteration,” said Maroney.


      The response teams learned from their mistakes and learned how to communicate and work cohesively with one another, which made them successful by the end of the exercise.

      The addition of the OC/Ts helped to measure effectiveness because during the after-action reports held, each organization was able to address what they needed to practice and prepare for in the event of a real life incident.

      “We measured the effectiveness of the training by their improvements with each iteration, response times to new scenarios and by the incident command becoming a unified command,” said Maroney.

      Overall, the lessons learned, knowledge, and skills that were gained during the training will be critical to planning for future training and for real world events. Event planners hope to sustain and reinforce this by continuing to help Fort Stewart/ Hunter Army Airfield exercise their Emergency Action Plans now and in the future.

    • OSUT graduates #24-15

      Congratulations to the soldier of OSUT class #24-15 (Arma3) for successful completion of training! This soldier has been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and has earned the right to be a full active member of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in their career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah


      Graduates :


      image.png.957e18b5a78ac0be045d9dee13fdc782.png PV2 N.McEnheimer image.png.79bc78251d4ef2cce0cd9717a4a1fbe4.pngimage.png.4832946dc3ba8e64b56a3d090843381c.png




      image.png.f45a03108a3aa5c80cb11e906aba3875.png SGT A.Shocked               

      image.png.db7d684b0c90b5b034884f8a3c105b1d.png SPC B.Fitzgerald            

      image.png.acd11b38a9617f6da9ac2747c1b838fa.pngWO1 J.White                  

    • OSUT graduates #24-14

      OSUT GRADUATES #24-14

      Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class #24-14 (Arma3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be a full active member of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in their career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah


      Graduates :


                 image.png.169f09e42a4c73f1d25df8e6775708be.pngPFC J.Allenimage.png.eabd35951172bb5e49ce0c5465e28b7f.pngimage.png.a6930947e194905625a950e5e282747a.pngimage.png.ebd0608d0915baf693081d9aa1473048.png

      image.png.2c5b4c24ee07098e81caf6f18c421180.pngPV2 Z.Ditto  image.png.472ace14295c729d2a30b2287eeb75f3.pngimage.png.3efdad79410159f10e3b80b7509fd9b5.png

                           image.png.e212b1635bc0d0ee59cf5d8b343938de.pngPFC J.Finlaysonimage.png.1f47b09a5a674dfdc8b5095fd0545645.pngimage.png.685e324997ecc67a7f61c033a247dc16.pngimage.png.a363949fdcafc265265e4f3b6d01b80a.png 


      image.png.b11b03d6437936087066921c7975dde8.pngPV2 T.Hobbs   image.png.23a329089f9a24cd282e0f59577aaca5.pngimage.png.69629743dddd5334e41deea9bc408004.png

      image.png.0dc44458711ec0c0914365e5ba4e38a7.pngPV2 R.Legacy  image.png.5fa48a9884d4e4748da3f8149e83ec19.pngimage.png.84ffcf314f8e6c5220ccb76803b17b24.png




      image.png.084540afc66516abd592d13473a6ab67.pngSGT A.Shocked           

      image.png.4ee1fa8634c2ec4fedca6e4011c3142f.pngSPC Q,Clayton           

      image.png.3c93f7bbafa89305babf5303727a3b3e.pngSPC P.Byrde              

      image.png.e3ff5a7ee905282a39f1a7b00cc2d094.pngWO1 J.White              

      image.png.f0f2d8206d0ee0c58ede187ace00bdfe.pngPFC I.Bar-tal             

      image.png.01b65a8c89de2398adda6646f35508e3.pngSPC D.Hughson        

      image.png.b3e2ad2ff5fb0c5b82b166890a5d99ec.pngCPL H.McMahon        

      image.png.28d22eee5b665f5cd9860583be0e2dae.pngPFC T.Anderson        

    • OSUT graduates #24-13

      Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class #24-13 (Arma3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be a full active member of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in their career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah


      Graduates :


      image.png.47b5af101483030fc4f6219698c91ece.png PV2 R.Veneer   image.png.fa18a65c1e98f460ea26c543eb8369d8.png image.png.9520cebc78c0051fb55144509de58066.png

                 image.png.5a62185246c5f1e369ea0630df027f65.png PFC Z.Snowimage.png.1afd9ef99596baa89018a5669df5cc1c.png image.png.7dd8d907c87f8a12330c28f478ef9c26.pngimage.png.2d039dd3d370459df2e602e3e024f881.png 


      Instructors :


       image.png.010b76c4b45e3fa08465eb72acba89ed.png SGT J.Nicholas       

      image.png.29d331809ee241d783a66fc159008ed3.png SPC P.Byrde          

      image.png.6f652d65c209407f8cbe3039f65cd906.png SPC Q.Clayton     

      image.png.7c62f393a763a51945ff4883e078637d.png SPC G.Plunkett   

      image.png.ba407a5bbbf64597bd03a929f71da5dd.png SPC D.Hughson  

      image.png.af45ad58a4b438789b890336f77c5aa4.png WOC J.White