Arma 3 Modpack

Maintained by Corps Of Engineers.

Skip to 00:53 if you are not migrating from Arma3Sync (should be all of you by now)!

This guide assumes you start from scratch and unsubscribe from all workshop items first. If you decide to keep subscribed items, this will be at your own risk and you will be on your own until you start from scratch and follow the video below.

- Do I need to unsubscribe from other mods before installing 3rdID mods?

No, 3rdID servers automatically sync their mods with Steam every Wednesday at 0400 EST and Friday 0400 EST. If a server is found to have outdated mods, please contact COE to run a manual update on our servers.

- Am I allowed to enable any mods that are not listed?

Client sided mods which enhance visuals or audio are allowed. However if you are caught using mods that could give you an advantage, you will be kicked from the server and receive punitive action!

- Where can I get support if I'm having issues?

Ask your fellow Team Members, Team Leader or Squad Leader. They have all had to go through the same process as you. If they cannot solve the issue they will contact COE for you.

- I would like to see a mod added to our modpack. Where do I go for this?

Mod requests are handled through the Suggestion Box. Before posting, please find good arguments as to why this mod would be a good addition to our modpack. Our modpack is strictly curated by CStaff to prevent clutter, long downloads, FPS and server stability, gameplay changes and so on.

- I can't see the !Workshop folder.

Widows might flag this folder as a hidden folder, ensure you have hidden folders enabled. Here's a guide from Microsoft!

- Why is there no official Steam Workshop collection I can subscribe to?

COE provides an Arma Launcher file since it does more than simply subscribing to the 3rdID mods. It also automatically enables them. No action will be taken against those who make a collection for their fellow soldiers, but use them at your own risk. An import file is more valuable and noob-friendly. Additionally it allows us to display this fancy table on the bottom of this page!

- Why are some mods marked as "local", and what does that mean?

Local mods are mods which need to be added manually. In our case all ace optional mods are already downloaded and included in the ace mod. To include them use the "add local mod" button in the launcher, locate the ace3 mod folder, inside of it, open the optionals folder, and finally, manually add all those which are marked Local in the table below.

Mod Location Link
3rd Infantry Division Mod Steam
506th IR - Sig Sauer M17 Steam
ace Steam
ace compat rhs afrf3 Local
ace compat rhs gref3 Local
ace compat rhs usf3 Local
ace realisticdispersion Local
ace tracers Local
ACEX Steam
Achilles Steam
Advanced Sling Loading Steam
Advanced Towing Steam
BackpackOnChest Steam
CBA_A3 Steam
cTab Steam
CUP Terrains - Core Steam
CUP Terrains - Maps Steam
DUI - Squad Radar Steam
Fifty Shades of Female (formerly FEMAL3 Heads) Steam
GRAD SlingHelmet Steam
Gruppe Adler Trenches Steam
Lockheed C-130 Steam
LPVO - Scopes Steam
Military Gear Pack Steam
MS_IFF_Strobe Steam
Project OPFOR Steam
SPS Equipment Steam
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) Steam
TFAR Animations Steam
Vcom AI V3.4.0 Steam
Virolahti - Valtatie 7 Steam