Unit History

  • 3rd Infantry Division, along with Alpha Company "War Eagles" officially began. Founded by Lieutenant Colonel D. Toby and Major J. Mathews, the 3rd Infantry Division Realism unit was based around the game America's Army 2 and Day of Defeat.

  • Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby retired from the 3rd Infantry Division Realism unit to continue his schooling to become a policeman. Major J.Mathews and his XO Captain Michael White continued to grow the 3rd Infantry Division.

  • Major J.Mathews retired to start his real-life military career.

  • The current CO of the company, John LaFlash, began his career. Fresh out of the US Army, John LaFlash was quickly commissioned to Second Lieutenant after completing Officer Candidate School and led First Platoon “Widowmakers."

  • John LaFlash was promoted to Captain, and subsequently given command of Alpha Company. Captain White officially took the role of HHC Commander.

  • The 3rd Infantry Division expanded its gaming support with America's Army 3 and Battlefield 2. Captain White retires.

  • The 3rd Infantry Division expanded from company size up to battalion size. Alpha and Bravo Company were commissioned and led by Captain Jarrit Drinkman and First Lieutenant Barrow Fleetwood respectively.

  • Lieutenant Colonel John LaFlash down-sized the 3rd Infantry Division back to a company size with two platoons due to lack of activity and support for Battlefield 2.

  • The 3rd Infantry Division ramped up with Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead. With the decline on America's Army 3 over the past years, Captain LaFlash shut down the 9 year game of America's Army to focus on Armed Assault.

  • Command Staff launched the 3rd Infantry Division into the new model of America's Army, America's Army: Proving Grounds!

  • The 3rd Infantry Division upgraded from Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead to Arma 3!

  • Alpha Company opens two new platoons in Armed Assault 3 and America's Army!

  • Bravo Company reinstated under the leadership of 1LT Arthur Cantu in support of America's Army: Proving Grounds!

  • Bravo Company opens a new platoon in support of Insurgency!

  • On our 14th anniversary, the 3rd Infantry Division expanded to Battalion level, LTC John LaFlash Commanding, with 1LT Dana Cantu as HHC Commander, CPT Arthur Cantu as Alpha Company Commander, and 1LT Denny Strickland as Bravo Company Commander.

    Bravo Company is decommissioned and folded into Alpha Company War Eagles as a Third Platoon. LTC John LaFlash commands a downsizing of unit to one Company to support Arma 3, America's Army Proving Grounds and Insurgency Sandstorm.