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      03 March 2023 01:00

      3rd Infected Division DayZ Pub Crawl

      Greetings, fellow Infected Infatryman and women! Looking for something ArmA-y to do, but want a little change of pace and a bit of no-safety, no-sarge, no-pubbies-left-standing kind've fun? I am proposing a DayZ Public Hardcore server crawl. Let's get together, move inland, loot it up, stash the goodies, and take over a server however we best see fit.

      Please let me know if you have any ideas for ways to improve or otherwise reinforce-the-awesome for this event idea. I'd love to get ya'lls feedback and such.

      -PV2 P.Byrde, Infected Wingman

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      03 March 2023 20:00

      2 years after the complete withdraw of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, Taliban leaders are still struggling to keep the nation together. The rise of the Socialistic "Al Abriham Peoples Party" have not made it easy for the new Government to "prosper". Like every country lead by a communist rule, Afghanistan is suffering. Low food supply, mismanagement of natural resources and a war driven economy the people are sick of it. Countless demonstrations have risen within the country, all calling from NATO help. 
      After lenghy talks with NATO Leaders, NATO decided to send the 3rd Special Forces Regiment assisted by a low number of 160th SOAR Pilots to the new capital "Rasman". The 3rdSFR has been conducting covert operations since its deployment, with the biggest yet to come.
      3rd Special Forces Regiment is to infiltrate the new Capital where they going to wreck havok onto the unsuspecting enemy. You're to land at LZ Dirty Racoon and make your way towards the Capital City. Inside the city and airbase you are to place IEDs, Sabotage the Airfield and destroy the Checkpoint surrounding the city. After all thats done you are to utilize the chaos and kidnap the Communist Dictator "Al-Faharim Abrahnam Salami" whose hiding in his Villa at OBJ Night Fever and bring him to LZ Dirty Racoon, alive. Bringing any of his family in alive would benefit our mission greatly, however is not necessary. 
      Keep it reasonable, nothing too fancy. Stick with your trusty M4 platforms, nods and obviously your trusty suppressor.  Poloshirts are greatly appreciated and might enhance your tacticool level.
      OBJ Burning Steps; You are to place IEDs infront of the gate leading into the Airbase, blowing any QRF up before they even realized what is going on.
      OBJ Broken Wing; 3 "State of the art" russian airframes, namely 2x SU25s and 1x MIG29, you're to destroy those airframes to create a sizable diversion for the rest of your mission to funktion.
      OBJ Night Fever; You are to infiltrate the Villa complex and find the HVT, take him with you alive. Dead he won't do us much good. Keep your eyes open for his wife, son and 2 mistresses, taking either of those 4 alive with him would benefit the entire operation as well.
      Entire AO -
      Zoomed in Version of the AO -

      Lastly the main target - 

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