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    May promotions and awards ceremony is held at 1300est today! be in formation by 1255est

    The island of Tanoa has recently been under hostile takeover from forces of Russian Federation. On diplomatic level Russia denies any and all accusation´s about their transgression even through all proof, meanwhile NATO council has assembled to deal with the situation. Current Russian forces Include Russian VDV forces supported with a detachment of spetznaz to supress and controll population, the island and its airbases.

    Delta force is sent to deal with several tasks A squad is tasked in retrieving a CIA operative (Codename Ares) with intel on why Russia invaded Tanoa. Retrieve the operative or his intel. The CIA operative is somewhere in OBJ Matryoshka. LZ Davy Jones in village Savaka will serve as infil/exfil point to the Tanoan isles.

    Standard loadout, carry all you can with you. No ground, sea or air support.

    FunOp will happen on Public server 1, normal mod loadlist

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