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  • Funop, Mission: Nutcracker

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    Mission: Nutcracker


    Recently Santa Claus has decided to move from North Pole to chernarus due to cheaper production of Toys for nice children. While overseeing the construction ofone of his factories the Elves decided to sieze the means of production for themselves and launched a proletariat revolution against the Jolly old man and the few Elves that have sided with him. Nato suspects theres somebody behind the communist revolution trying to profit out of Santa not delivering christmas gifts on chirstmas.



    Enemy Situation

    Enemy numbers are unkown. Expect everyone wearing greens to be a hostile.
    The Elves have formed three distinct militarized groups a militia equiped with bolt action rifles and M3 submachioneguns. a standard military squad equipped with AK74 pattern rifles and Special operations squads equipped with AS Val and VSS Vintorez. Majority of these forces arent equiped with bodyarmor with exception of Special operations squads and certain heavilly armored units.

    The Elves have also "found" a stockpile of russian military vehicles ranging from GAZ and BTR troop carriers to T72 tanks and several MI-8MT helicopters

    Strike force holiday is deployed at FOB Snowflake and is tasked with searching last known location of Santa CLaus at POI Saint and investigating the person behind the communist revolt.


    Rules of Engagement
    - Military personell dressed in forest camo is shoot on sight.


    Special Equipment
    M1126 Armored Personell Carier x 4
    M1A2 (TUSK III)  Main Battle Tank x 2
    M2A3 Bradley Cavalary Fighting Vehicle x 1
    FGM-148 Javelin
    M3 Multirole Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System
    UH60M DAP Mlass x 1
    UH60M Slick x 1


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