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  • Operation Dunkel


    Event details

    Operation Dunkel

    1: Mission Summary:

    War Eagles has successfully attacked and set up conditions to take the major city of Luzern. The Kainuu BDE is currently split apart with the success of War Eagles and currently has units isolated in the North and South with Coalition forces holding the center of the island. War Eagles, as well as the rest of the coalition, will now press their attack to take advantage of the isolated forces.

    The Norrland Dragoons will continue to push into Lenzburg and eventually Lausen, C/1-2IN will continue to push to the South Airstrip, and War Eagles will move to secure the major port and Airfield of Luzern. If War Eagles is successful during their attack, they will be able to prepare the attack onto the Island hosting the Kainuu BDE HQ and finally secure the island.

    2: Enemy Situation (Area of Interest):

    Kainuu BDE: the Kainuu BDE has now fully deployed onto the main island. Currently they have deployed three BN’s forward to combat the coalition and one BN is remaining in the city of Luzern. The Napf Irregular guard BN’s have mostly consolidated into one major BN and moved to the southern region of the island. Recent losses have force the BDE to be split across the island and conducting a desperate defense.
    1st Kainuu Jaeger BN: This BN is currently located in the southern portion of the map and is headquartered at Sorenberg. Their primary job is to ensure the south airstrip is secured under all costs as a place for resupply and rearm of the Kainuu Helicopter detachment. They primarily will build up defensive positions as much as they can and support the Napf Irregular Guard when needed.

    2nd Kainuu Jaeger BN: This BN is currently at the strength of one BN and has retrograded further to the South. Their remnants are working with the 1st Kainuu Jaeger BN to prevent coalition forces from moving south from the town of Sachseln.

    3rd Pori Mech BN: This BN is currently fortifying Luzern and is acting as the BDE reserve force. This is the new enemy for our operation. They currently have split up their Companies across the peninsula to defend the city and the airstrip.

    4th Kainuu Motor BN: This BN is located on the Northern portion of the island. Currently they are tasked to delay coalition forces from approaching the city of Luzern from the northern advance. After their crushing defeat in Muttenz, they are consolidating in a defense in depth around the city of Lenzburg.

    Napf Irregular Guard: This collection of enemy forces is currently located in the southern mountains of the island. Their main task is to disrupt coalition forces and attrite any coalition units to the best of their ability. Due to the fact that this unit is comprised of civilian volunteers, they have the ability to spring their dismounted elements up in many towns and cities without our intelligence knowing about it. They are mainly concentrated in the south but there has been reports of small elements armed with AT and AA being identified in the towns all over the island, to include coalition held area.


    3: Enemy situation (Area of Operation):

    3rd Pori Mechagnized BN: This is a BN that was attached from the Pori Mech BDE in support of finnish forces on the island. The were sent with an organic configuration of three Company’s of CV 9030’s. Since their arrival, they have split some of their forces out to other BN’s and recently obtained others. Currently the BN consists of two Mchagnized Companies (CV 9030’s) with the third split off and eventually destroyed. They have been reinforced with an Infantry Company, A reconnaissance Troop (split across the Company’s), an AT Reconnaissance Company (serving as the BN Reserve), and an attack Helicopter Troop. Their main task is to hold the ports in Luzern and Emmen as well as defend the Major Airfield. This is decisive to the Finnish militaries ability to influence the island.

    A/ 3rd Pori: Currently this Company is tasked to hold the defensive line between the Airfield and the City of Luzern. They have spent over a month digging into their positions and are well established for the upcoming fight. They have a Platoon of D-30’s, Recon Vehicles, and AT BMP-2’s in support of their defense.

    A/1 Kainuu Infantry: This Company is currently tasked to delay and disrupt enemy forces in the city of Lozern and Emmen. Their main job is to inflict as many casualties as they can while maintaining security of the ports. We anticipate they have built a maze of fortifications in the city of Luzern to slow progress. And heavily mioned the city of Emmen to prevent quick capture of their ports. We believe the Finnish have fully cut off one of the ports with obstacles, but are not sure on which one yet. Expect them to cause as many casualties as they can at both locations. 

    C/ 3rd Pori: Currently this Company is located on the main military island as local security forces. We do not expect to see them in this weeks operation. 

    E/1 Kainuu Recon AT: Currently this troop is in the South somewhere in the mountains and forests. We are not sure of their current task. Either they have broken off to reinforce Finnish forces in the South or they have set up hidden positions to conduct a flanking attack on Coalition forces once they reach the trench lines at the Airfield. 


    4: Friendly Situation (Area of Interest):

    Norrland Dragoons (Sweden): The Norrland Dragoons have been slowed to a halt outside of Lenzberg. The same trench systems we have seen in the central corridor they have seen in the north. They are going to attack the city again in hopes of securing it.

    B/1-2 IN: Has repositioned itself to conduct security operations around the city of Rossbode while Coalition forces secure the captured equipment in Romoos. They will focus in this area due to the heightened risk of irregular forces attacking coalition supplies.

    C/1-2 IN: C Co is currently tasked attack to clear the mountains in the south of the island. Due to the rough mountain terrain and large forests, it is expected to be a slow and arduous process of clearing the area. They are currently staged outside of Serenberg in preparation for their next attack.


    5: Company Mission:

    War Eagles will attack to secure the ports in OBJ Yuengling, OBJ Guinness, and the Airfield in OBJ Sam Adams NLT 02 Jun 2024 IOT sever Finnish military influence on the main island. On order War Eagles will determine the suitability of the ports for future Coalition use.


    6: Tasks to Subordinate Units:
    A) Widowmakers:

    Attack to secure the ports at OBJ Yuengling and OBJ Guinness.

    Attack to secure the Airfield at OBJ Sam Adams.

    Identify and mark and enemy transport ships for Coalition forces to destroy (coordinate with CO/XO when identified and ready for destruction).

    B) Griffins:

    Conduct Area Reconnaissance of OBJ Yuengling and OBJ Guinness to identify enemy Battle Positions and fortifications around the ports
    Determine which port is “closed off” from use based off of reported obstacles.

    Conduct an Area Reconnaissance of the fortifications leading up to OBJ Sam Adams. Identify targets of value for planned Coalition Fire Strike set for the Airfield.

    Conduct a Screen Line to delay from potential enemy Counter attack in the South when Widowmakers makes contact with fortifications near OBJ Sam Adams

    C) 3CAB:

    Conduct Close Combat Aviation for Widowmakers and Griffins as they conduct offensive operations East.

    BPT conduct an Aerial Screen to delay enemy forces from arriving into the area via the sea and boats. We anticipate enemy forces will send whatever they can spare from around the island once the City is under attack.
    7: Additional Resources:
    A) Artillery/ Mortars:

    There is one Battery of Paladins, callsign Archers, currently located at the main Airfield. They are currently tasked to support us during our attack. They have offered four fire missions to be allocated to War Eagles for their operations. Any additional requests will be approved on a case by case basis.

    We currently have one Fire Strike of out-of-sector missiles against assets around and inside the Airfield. Up to 5 targets can be nominated during the mission but must be reported of 30 to Company CO/XO. If targets are not nominated, then the strike will go on as usual with predetermined targets. This Fire Strike will occur once War Eagles is ready to attack OBJ Sam Adams.

    B) Detection Assets:

    Air detection assets are currently active and in support of C/ 1-2 IN as they clear the enemy forces out of the forests and mountains in the south.

    The Counterfire Radar was recently attacked by Irregular forces in the Area, we have no Counterfire Radar support.

    C) Air to Surface Assets:

    Currently there is 2 fixed wing bomb strikes allocated to War Eagles in support of our offensive operations. We must plan them before step off or they will not be able to be used for the operation. Coordinate with War Eagle 5 for coordination and adjustments of the attack.

    8: Rules of Engagement

    Enemy uniformed personnel are free to engage within the assigned AO. Any engagements outside of the Company AO must be approved by Company leadership. Restrictions of indirect fires (IDF, Aerial, and Mk19) in the urban areas of the AO has been lifted in the city of Luzern but no other cities in the AO due to the large amount of enemy forces occupying the area. All other major urban areas are restricted to no indirect fires (IDF, Aerial, and Mk19) within 250 meters of any building unless confirmed there is no civilian presence or approval from Company leadership.

    Civilian allegiance is split on the island. Some favor the Finnish Militaries recent actions while others condemn it. If you interact with civilians, attempt to obtain knowledge of town allegiances in the AO, this will allow us to identify which areas will be friendly or hostile to Coalition forces. 

    Due to limitations of supply into the region, Hellfires on drones have been limited. Only 4 hellfires are authorized for this mission.
    Due to Finnish operational level Air Defense Assets in the region, all military aircraft will be held to 1500 meters AGL or less. If they break that altitude they can be at risk of engagements from operational level Air Defense.

    9: General Instructions



     C-130 HERCULES x 2
     AH-64 APACHE x 3
     UH-60 BLACKHAWK x 3
     CH-47F CHINOOK x 2
     MQ-1 PREDATOR x 1
    10: Special Instructions
    (a) MINE DETECTORS: Squad and Fireteam Leaders should use mine detectors at all times due to the risk of anti-personnel mines and IED.
    (b) DEFUSAL KITS: For defusing explosives noted above (Rangers only).
    (c) WIRE CUTTERS: For disassembling Concertina Wire obstacles.
    (d) DEMOLITION CHARGES: M112 Demolition Blocks for destroying enemy caches and other targets as needed (Rangers only).
    (e) FIM-92 STINGERS: For destroying enemy aircraft.
    (f) FGM-148 JAVELINS: For destroying enemy armor.

    11: Chain Of Command

    12: Coordination
    (a) GROUND-TO-AIR: FREQ LR CH 60/61/62
    (b) COMPANY NET: 152 CH 30
    (c) PLATOON NET: 152 CH 31/32
    (d) SQUAD NET: 152 CH 110/120/130/140/150/210/220
    (e) CONVOY NET: FREQ LR CH 33/34
    (f) FIRES NET: FREQ LR CH 61

    13: Intel


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