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      Third Infantry Division - Rock of the Marne


      Soldiers, another Unit Anniversary has approached us and the 3rd Infantry Division stands strong on seventeen years of service. Although our focus from one game to another has shifted, the 3rd has kept to its roots and upheld the time honored values of a US Army realism unit. Currently the 3rd is focused almost entirely on Armed Assault III. We have seen many enter our ranks but only a select few have stayed the course and it is these select few that have made the 3rd Infantry Division what it is today.

      A step into The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit’s History.

      Alpha Company "War Eagles" was co-founded on July 4th, 2003, by Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby and Major J.Mathews. The 3rdID realism unit was based around the games "America's Army" and "Day of Defeat." Over the years, leadership has changed as well as the games played "America's Army Proving Grounds", "Arma3", and “Insurgency”. Today our game presence is found in "Arma3" under the leadership of Major John LaFlash. 

      In April 2004 Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby retired from the 3rd Infantry Division Realism unit to continue his schooling to become a policeman. Major J.Mathews and his XO Captain Michael White continued to grow the 3rd Infantry Division. In May 2006, The current CO of the company, John LaFlash, began his career. Fresh out of the US Army, John LaFlash was quickly commissioned to Second Lieutenant after completing Officer Candidate School and led First Platoon “Widowmakers." In March 2008, John LaFlash was promoted to Captain, and subsequently given command of Alpha Company. Captain White officially took the role of HHC Commander. In fall 2008, The 3rd Infantry Division expanded its gaming support with America's Army 3 and Battlefield 2. Captain White retires. 

      In March 2011, The 3rd Infantry Division expanded from company size up to battalion size. Alpha and Bravo Company were commissioned and led by Captain Jarrit Drinkman and First Lieutenant Barrow Fleetwood respectively. In September 2011, Lieutenant Colonel John LaFlash down-sized the 3rd Infantry Division back to a company size with two platoons due to lack of activity and support for Battlefield 2. February 2012, The 3rd Infantry Division ramped up with Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead. With the decline on America's Army 3 over the past years, Captain LaFlash shut down the 9 year game of America's Army to focus on Armed Assault.

      In August 2013, Command Staff launched the 3rd Infantry Division into the new model of America's Army, America's Army: Proving Grounds! In May 2015, Alpha Company opens two new platoons in Armed Assault 3 and America's Army! In November 2015, Bravo Company reinstated under the leadership of 1LT Arthur Cantu in support of America's Army: Proving Grounds! In January 2017, Bravo Company opened a new platoon in support of Insurgency!

      In December 2019, Major John LaFlash commands a downsizing of the unit to one Company to support Arma 3. As of today, Major John LaFlash continues his command of Alpha Company as Company Commander, Alpha Company “War Eagles” in support of Arma3.

      Currently, our recruiters are doing an outstanding job on bringing in new individuals. Not only that but Soldiers’ monetary donations have been beyond expectations which helps with server, website and other expenses immensely. While some units take pleasure in overwhelming numbers, the 3rd takes pride in its platoon and air attachment of Soldiers that have stood the test of time and made this unit what it is today. That is not to say the 3rd is shying away from numbers but our esprit de corps is what makes the 3rd, the 3rd.

      Speaking of our esprit de corps, many of our Soldiers have just recently attended and completed Ranger School which was hosted by our sister company, the 173rd Airborne. It was a great event and an even better turnout, especially by our own Soldiers. Our Soldiers are looking forward to future deployments and specialized training schools such as Airborne School and Air Assault.

      The 3rd Infantry Division is looking forward to another fantastic year. We have gained and retained some very special individuals that dedicate more than enough time and energy into the unit which makes the 3rd unique from other realism units. It is these individuals that inspire leadership and responsibility to our new personnel that will better the unit in the months to come. Here’s to another great year for the 3rd Infantry Division! 

      Hooah 3ID!


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