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    • 3ID deploys to Agadèz, Niger for Operation Silver Guardian


      Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team are preparing to deploy to the Agadèz region, Niger, Africa as reinforcement and tasking to secure the Agadèz Airbase. Alpha Company “War Eagles” preparation consisted of four weeks of intensive pre-deployment training at Fort Irwin National Training Centre to acclimate themselves with similar terrains features they will encounter in Africa. In order to stem terrorist attacks in the Mopti region of African, the 3rd Infantry Division will set up operations at the US Army's Agadèz Drone base. The unit's leaders plan to establish a strong presence in the area, working with regional governments and local residents to maintain security and aid prosperity.

      After the withdrawal of French troops from the region, terrorists launched an armed attack on a United States Drone Base in Agadèz, killing 15 American personnel. Drone reports also state that 2 American personnel have been taken hostage and moved to neighboring Mali, where United States President Joe Biden already negotiated an operations area in the zone French troops deployed to previously. After the initial mission in Agadèz, 3rd Infantry Division will redeploy to Mali, where most combat is expected to take place.

      Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III dispatched more resources to US-AFRICOM and tasked them with engaging in direct combat against local Islamists and rebel groups Al-Qaïda, ISIS, and Boko Haram. The 3rd Infantry Division is attached to AFRICOM as QRF (Quick Reaction Force).


      Publisher: Specialist Caue Moalli, Journalist

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