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    • 78th Birthday of the Civil Air Patrol


      The 1st of December marks the 78th birthday of the Civil Air Patrol.


      The Civil Air Patrol was founded back in 1941 by an aviation advocate named Gill Rob Wilson who foresaw the potential the CAP had to offer the US war effort. Even from day one CAP needed to prove itself and were given 90 days by Congress to do so. During World War II, CAP started performing missions such as Anti-Submarine Patrols and Warfare, Border Patrols and even Courier Services. CAP sighted over 173 Submarines during the war and 68 CAP members lost their lives performing these and other missions.


      Image Credit - Robert T. McCall

               On its 78th Birthday, the Civil Air Patrol celebrates a long history of service during the second world war and the continuous training and preparation of newer generations. In modern times the CAP have not served directly in combat and never will, though many of its members go on to serve within the United States Airforce or other branches of the US Armed Forces but also Emergency services and S&R.

                In the modern era of the CAP, most of its duties revolve around training and educating the next generation of new pilots and air enthusiasts. Along with that they also are involved in Search & Rescue operations, Disaster Relief and in more recent times have been tasked with homeland security and courier service missions. All of this is done by over 65000 members, 38000 being senior members and 28000 being junior members ranging from the age of 12 up to the age of 21.

               The Civil Air Patrol continues to work as a volunteer organization with members coming from all different backgrounds and occupations. Even as an Auxiliary to the USAF, it continues to serve in disaster areas, helping both locally and nationally, along with assisting organisations such as the Red Cross and local law enforcement.

               We wish the Civil Air Patrol and its members a happy birthday, celebrating both its past history and service, along with its current goals and achievements.

      Semper Vigilans

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