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    • Air Assault School 23-02


      Air Assault School is intended to teach our soldiers techniques required for successful combat insertion via helicopter. Those who have completed the school are Air Assault qualified and shall be awarded the Air Assault Badge.

      The following Soldiers have successfully completed Air Assault School Class 23-02 :


      WO1 P.Byrde AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SSG D.Marsh AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SGT N.Kovic AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      CPL C.Silva AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SPC J.Mackintosh AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SPC A.Ammons AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SPC P.Perez AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60
      SPC A.Birdlike AirAssaultBadge.png.a5db8df3233515e91a60


      1SG C.Brock
      SFC E.Babol
      SFC V.Garcia
      SGT J.Nicholas
      CPL T.Hunter


      WO1 A.Nikeus
      WO1 A.Demaio

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