• Alpha Company assigns Soldiers to 2/1/A/1-2 IN


    Alpha Company Commander, Major John LaFlash  has activated First Platoon's Second Squad.

    Second Squad Callsign: Ghosts

    Frequency: 120.0-122.0

    Ghosts Squad Leader is Specialist Bailey Lambert, a 2nd month Soldier who has quickly risen through the ranks as a Fireteam Leader in 1st Squad under Corporal Apollo.

    Alpha Team Leader is PFC Lyubashenko, another 2nd month Soldier, service as a Rifleman in 1st Squad prior. PFC Lyubashenko is Airborne qualified w/ no operations on file.

    Bravo Team Leader is PV2 Andrews. An Airborne Qualified Private with IRL military background from the US Military. He also has no operations Deployment on current file.

    Ghosts Squad Medic is SPC McKenzie, a Re-enlisted Soldier from 2014, 2 campaign medals, a National Defense Medal, NCODEV award, 2 unit citations, and Airborne wings.

    Fireteam members include SPC Hood, PFC Ford, PV2 Dorion, PV2 Chan, PV2 Coker, and PV2 Tyssen. Squad Drills will be held the same day and time as 1st Squad.

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