• Alpha Company Award Ceremony - 04OCT2020


    On Sunday, October 4, Major John LaFlash presided over the Alpha Company Award Ceremony at Bushlurker FOB. Occurring monthly, the Ceremony is held to recognize the achievements of the Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit.


    Notes for October:

    Third Quarter Soldier of the Quarter: Sergeant Eric Abel

    Second Squad Leader Sergeant Gregoire is moving to 68W Platoon Medic

    Second Squad, Alpha Fireteam Leader Sergeant Grigorov is moving to Second Squad Leader

    Land Navigation Course, 8th October at 2000Hrs EST

    Combat Lifesavers Course, 15th at 2000Hrs EST

    Air Assault School, 24th October at 1730Hrs EST


    This month, Major LaFlash recognizes...

    The following Soldiers were promoted to:

    E-3 Private First Class

    Private First Class Roger Mullins
    Private First Class Jeremy Nichols


    E-4B Specialist

    Specialist Clifford Simpkins


    E-4A Corporal

    Corporal Brendan Moose
    Corporal James Kiheri


    E-5 Sergeant

    Sergeant Eric Abel
    Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci

    E-6 Staff Sergeant

    Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock

    The following Soldiers were awarded:



    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM






    Humanitarian Service Medal, HSM

    Second Lieutenant Bailey Lambert



    Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM

    Warrant Officer 1 Ryan Stricklin
    Staff Sergeant Jannes Drake
    Corporal Dominik Toplak



    National Defense Service Medal, NDSM

    Private Second Class Mac Blaser



    Good Conduct Medal, GCM

    Major John LaFlash
    Second Lieutenant Bailey Lambert
    Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock
    Sergeant David Skenlar
    Sergeant Kalin Grigorov
    Sergeant Eric Abel
    Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci
    Corporal Dominik Toplak
    Corporal Brendan Moose
    Specialist Luke VanDenburgh
    Specialist Joshua Sanders
    Specialist John Purdy
    Specialist Clifford Simpkins



    Army Achievement Medal, AAM

    Sergeant Daniel Shade
    Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci
    Corporal Dominik Toplak
    Corporal James Kiheri
    Corporal Brendan Moose
    Specialist Kyle Skitz
    Specialist Alex Cruze
    Private First Class Roger Mullins



    Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM

    Corporal Brendan Moose
    Corporal James Kiheri
    Specialist Luke VanDenburgh
    Specialist John Purdy



    Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM

    Corporal Dominik Toplak



    Combat Infantry Badge, CIB (Stage 1)

    Private First Class Steve Klein
    Private Second Class Giancarlo Orsini
    Private Second Class Jorge Gomez
    Private Second Class Logan Ven



    Basic Parachutist Badge

    Specialist Anthony Sam
    Specialist Kyle Skitz
    Specialist Michael Luckie
    Private First Class Roger Mullins



    French Fourragere

    Specialist Kyle Skitz



    Soldier’s Medal, SM (Soldier of the Quarter)

    Sergeant Eric Abel


    In closing, Major LaFlash spoke about the changes coming to 3rdID in the next few months, including the upcoming Uniform update, the new Steam Workshop modpack, and the transition of Sergeant Gregoire to Platoon Medic and Sergeant Grigorov to Second Squad Leader.

    He ended with this: “We’re continuing to do outstanding in Operation Thin Ice. We have the plan of drawing back, so we have some pretty good combat missions coming up here. We’ve just got a lot of things going on here, and it’s going to be a fun fall.”

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