• Alpha Company Award Ceremony - 07JULY2019


    The Alpha company awards ceremony is a special occasion to allow the unit commander to honor recipients who have been recognized for their accomplishments while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division MILSIM.


    The following have been promoted from    

    Private First Class

    Private Second Class to Private First Class

     Brandon LeBlanc



    Private First Class to Specialist

     Aydin Apollo

     Curtis Brennan

     Dylan McKenzie


    Second Lieutenant

    Officer Candidate to 2nd Lieutenant 

    Brad Ahles




    Captain to Major

    Arthur Cantu

    Dana Cantu



    The following commendations have been awarded by the 3rd Infantry Commander 


    Class 19-06.png


    MOVSM v device- conlisk.png


    GWOTSM- Beaudoin.png


    July2019 GCM.png


    MSM - Ahles.png


    DDSM-A Cantu.png


    DDSM-D Cantu.png




Edited by CW2 Q.Morton

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