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      Alpha Co. opening notes:
      Start of FTX (01/07/2024 - 04/27/2024)

      1st platoon is looking for 13F Forward Observer applications open till January 19th
      - Advanced Radio Communication Course qualified
      - E-4b Specialist or higher
      - open to all ground personel 11B, 19D or 68W

      Force Improvement Training Classes:
      January 13th - CLS course
      January 20th LandNav course
      January 27th - 68W course

      SSG K.Grigorov - 4 year (12th, jan)
      1LT A.Vandle - 3 year (18th, jan)
      PFC D.Hughson - 1 year (20th, jan)
      SSG J.Duck - 1 year (25th, jan)
      SGT K.Krios - 1 year (25th, jan)
      PFC T.Kit - 1 year (25th, jan)
      CW2 J.Tracey - 1 year (25th, jan)
      PFC J.Koe - 1 year (25th, jan)

      The Alpha Company Award Ceremony is a special occasion once a month to allow the unit commander to honor recipients who have been recognized for their accomplishments while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit.

      The Secretary of the Army has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and professional excellence of the following Soldiers. In view of these qualities and their dedicated service to the 3rd Infantry Division, they are, therefore, promoted and awarded the following.

      The following Soldiers are promoted to:
      E-3 Private First Class
      PV2 I.Bar-tal is being promoted to Private First Class
      PV2 E.Shmul is being promoted to Private First Class

      E-4b Specialist
      PFC J.Erickson is being promoted to Specialist
      PFC A.Zvik is being promoted to Specialist
      PFC G.Nagy is being promoted to Specialist

      E-6 Staff Sergeant
      SGT K.Grigorov is being promoted to Staff Sergeant

      E-8 First Sergeant
      MSG V.Garcia is being promoted to First Sergeant

      W-3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 
      CW2 A.Nikeus is being promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3

      O-2 First Liutenant
      2LT N.Cooper is being promoted to First Liutenant

      The following soldiers have been awarded:

      Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
      SSG M.Murakami (Ret) with "V" device
      SGT D.McKenzie with "V" device
      WOC D.Frost with "V" device

      CPL D.Shade with "V" device

      Good Conduct Medal
      MAJ J.Laflash
      1LT A.Vandal
      1LT G.Tucci
      CW3 A.Diomedes
      CW2 L.Kelso
      CW2 D.Schneider
      WO1 E.Poltorak
      OCS E.Babol
      SSG D.Marsh
      SSG R.Ivanov
      SSG J.Ayers
      SSG J.Duck
      SGT J.Nicholas
      SGT K.Grigorov
      SGT D.Smiřický
      SGT A.Shocked
      SGT A.Bills
      SGT W.Fives
      WOC D.Frost
      CPL M.Donnelly
      CPL A.Byrd
      CPL R.Winters
      CPL J.Starling
      SPC G.Plunkett
      SPC A.Borovetski
      SPC I.Franklin 
      PFC H.Valdenar
      PFC T.Pearson
      PFC K.Hall
      PFC G.Nagy

      Armed Forces Service Medal
      MAJ J.LaFlash - CID
      1LT N.Cooper - PAO, COE
      2LT C.Winters - FIG
      1SG V.Garcia - FIG, BMO
      SSG J.Duck - BMO
      SGT S.Kidon - BMO
      WOC D.Frost  - COE
      CPL T.Hunter - FIG
      CPL J.Starling - PAO, FIG
      SPC I.Franklin - FIG
      SPC A.Birdlike - COE

      Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
      SGT D.McKenzie
      CPL M.Donnelly
      SPC M.McMahon

      Army Achievement Medal
      CPL J.Starling with "C" device
      PFC I.Bar-tal

      Army Commendation Medal
      SSG R.Ivanov
      CPL A.Byrd
      SPC J.Erickson
      SPC P.Byrde

      National Defence Service Medal
      PV2 B.Canterbury - US Army
      PV2 L.Jackie - Vietnamese People Army
      PVT B.Culver -US Army

      Joint Service Achievement Medal
      1LT G.Tucci
      1LT N.Cooper
      1SG V.Garcia
      SSG J.Duck
      SGT S.Kidon
      SGT J.Nicholas
      CPL D.Shade

      Joint Service Commendation Medal
      MAJ J.LaFlash
      1LT A.Vandle
      2LT C.Winters
      CW3 A.Nikeus
      WO1 A.DeMaio
      1SG V.Garcia
      SSG  D.Marsh
      SSG J.Ayers
      SGT D.Smiřický
      SGT D.McKenzie
      SGT J.Nicholas
      CPL J.Starling
      SPC P.Byrde
      SPC Q.Clayton
      SPC G.York

      Meritorious Service Medal
      SGT D.Smiřický

      Humanitarian Service Medal
      1LT N.Cooper
      SGT N.Kovic
      WOC D.Frost
      CPL R.Winters

      Soldier´s Medal
      CPL J.Starling

      NCO Proffesional Development Ribbon
      1SG V.Garcia with "3" Numeral

      Basic Parachute Badge
      SGT A.Shocked
      CPL M.Donnelly
      SPC  A.Zvik
      SPC Q.Clayton
      SPC B.Fitzgerald
      PFC X.Swoop
      PFC A.Borovetski
      PV2 M.Alther

      Senior Parachute Badge
      1SG V.Garcia

      U.S. Army Aviator Wings
      WOC D.Frost

      U.S. Army Ranger Tab
      SSG D.Marsh
      SGT A.Shocked
      CPL R.Winters
      SPC Q.Clayton
      PFC X.Swoop
      PFC B.Fitzgerald
      PFC A.Borovetski
      PFC M.Alther
      PFC K.Siegel

      French Fourragere
      SSG D.Marsh
      WOC D.Frost


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