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      The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit extends to you our personal thanks and sincere appreciation of your contribution of honorable service to our unit. You have made a lasting impact on the unit’s history and thanks to your devotion to duty and a spirit of sacrifice in keeping with the proud traditions of military service.

       Your commitment and dedication have been an inspiration for those who will follow in your footsteps, and for all those who join us in saluting you for a job extremely “well done.”

       Our best wishes to you for happiness and success in the future.

      From the Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division MILSIM


      Today we celebrate the retirement of Sergeant Arthur Pendergast. He joined the 3rd Infantry Division MilSim Unit on the 8th of October 2020 and was assigned to 3rd Squad "Spartans". This wouldn't last long however as soon on the 18th of November 2020 he would move to be the Squad Medic for 4th squad "Phoenix" and would never go back to be just any normal rifleman again. SGT A.Pendergast would later move on to serve as the platoon medic for 1st platoon. During his long career as a medic he would come to the rescue of numerous squads and his fellow platoon staff. As many can attest the platoon vehicle would very quickly become a mobile ambulance, rushing around from one end of the AO to the other. No officer could stop this medic from reaching his charges, even the enemy and did they ever try. 

      This daring display would over his time as a medic earn SGT A.Pendergast two ARCOM medals and 2 AAM medals along with the lucrative Purple Heart. We also cannot forget how the SGT was named Soldier of the Quarter for Q1 2021, back then only being a CPL. Serving as writing lead for S-2 SGT A.Pendergast would grace us with a large part of the story for Operation Silver Guardian and every mission of Blue Giant until June 12th of this year. He didn't only write the story, but coordinated with the other sections of S-2 with efficiency and achieve a great quality of work for his entire tenure in the position. 



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