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    • Exercise Yellow Carrot



      Attention Soldiers of the Third Infantry Division!

      We will soon be conducting fundamental training exercises with the Polish Army in a variety of different scenarios. We will specifically be working with Polish Army’s 12th Mechanized Battalion and the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment. It is significantly important that we stay professional and show as the example while we work with the Poles.

      The exercise has been dubbed as “Yellow Carrot”. Our objective is to work with the Polish Army in conventional warfare while in the European theater. There is much we can learn from each other and we will no doubt overcome challenges together with ourselves and the Polish Army.

      To recap on recent events where we will be stationed in Poland the following has transpired;

      September 2021 - A small border crossing incident happened close to the region of Roche, where a US motorized convoy crossed into Germany and occupied a small village for 2 hours before local police showed up and tried to mediate the situation. Unfortunately 2LT P.Dick of the 3rd Infantry Division was not being cooperative as he was sure this was his objective. After 3 hours of further negotiation and calls the mistake was cleared up. The German government has promised to help out it’s NATO friends and provide 1000 new German compasses to the United States Army Officer Corps.”

      This was an extract from a Polish newspaper from a few months ago. All coalition forces are advised to keep track of their positions and not needlessly cross into Germany during Exercise Yellow Carrot.

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