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    • Gulf War Cease-Fire day


      On February 24th 1991, after being bombed for several months, the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions of the United States pushed into the Iraqi occupied nation of Kuwait. Encountering little to no enemy contact all the way to Kuwait City, while only being met with the white flags of surrendering Iraqi soldiers.


      By the 27th of February, the then-President Saddam Hussein issued the order for all Iraqi soldiers to retreat from the small nation, however a small group of Iraqi Guards did not receive the order, and made a desperate hold at the Kuwait National Airport. While U.S. Marines encountered fierce resistance, Iraqis in other areas of the country began their “scorched earth” tactics by burning Kuwaiti oil fields in order to crash the nation's economy. 


      After 4 days of combat, and with NATO Allies taking back Kuwait City, all Iraqi forces crossed the border out of Kuwait and the near 7-month long conflict came to an end. With nearly 1,200 Coalition casualties, and over 25 to 35,000 Iraqi casualties to also include the loss of over 3,000 T-72 Russian Main Battle Tanks.


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