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    • Happy Halloween



      Halloween! Yes, its that time of year again. The leaves are changing color. The days are getting shorter. And the ghouls and the goblins are once again among our streets begging for candy. Some of us may be some of the unfortunate to get toilet paper thrown among our trees and homes. Some of us may have to sift through our children's candy to check it for something devious. But I think we can all agree that for the most part Halloween is a wonderful holiday where our community’s children can dress into one of their heroes or deadly adversaries.

      Of course, once we get older we then have to take up the holiday fishing out candy to the little squirts who may TP our property if they don’t get what they want. Just the cycle of life that we all are a part of. For some it may be the candy. For others the costumes. But for me its the atmosphere that Halloween brings. I’ve always liked the darker things in life for some reason. Whether it be hordes of undead ravaging the city streets for candy or the festive Jack-O-Lanterns on display on our neighbors porches - that may or may not survive the night. Halloween lets us know that even the darker shades of life can bring about good. Whether it be in harmless mischief into eventual candy handouts at our doors, or families enjoying the atmosphere Halloween brings. Halloween is a holiday that lets be who we want to be, especially children and for that I’m thankful for.

      So here’s to another Halloween! May your doorstep not be troubled with squashed pumpkin remains or toilet paper thrown throughout your property and may your little ones gather vast amounts of sweets and treats and your time handing out candy be short. For me, its raining so I don’t have to slave at the door all night. Lucky me!

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