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    • HAPPY NEW YEAR From MAJ LaFlash

      Happy New Year soldiers! Now that all our troops across the world have entered 2023, I'd like to take some time to express my gratitude towards you all! 2022 was a good year, filled with great camaraderie, great training and great combat missions. Soon, we will be releasing our 2022 by the numbers. Number of total enlistments, number of advanced training courses, number of CID & BMO requests processed and of course number of times of our Lieutenants got lost in the field...
      2023 will be an amazing year for the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit, as we turn 20 years old in 7 months as well as many possibility of expansion. Just like 2022, for 2023 we need all hands in the middle on everything we do! No one person can make the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit a success by themselves. It takes a strong team in recruiting (RRO) to bring new blood and bullet shields into the unit, it takes a strong team to train (FIG)our troops accordingly and ensure all the tactical knowledge is shared to better equip our soldiers for our missions, it takes a strong team to ensure our house is in order and presenting that professional image of strength (COE,BMO, INTEL and CID) and it takes a strong team to show us off to the world on what we do (PAO). All our DMOSs are critical to our success in 2023. What's more critical, you may ask? Our leaders and our soldiers! We must lead by example, with a servant leadership mentality and honor our commitments as a leader (FTLs all the way up to myself as CO). Our Soldiers must honor the commitment and duty they signed up for, we all are here to enjoy the milisim experience and build and strengthen a community of like-minded people from across the globe. Be kind, be helpful, and strive to be a better person than you were in 2022! Now let's do what we do for the past 19yrs, starting tomorrow, we are back to Active Duty and need to hit the ground running! Leaders - take charge, and let's rock 2023!

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