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    • Land Navigation Course - 18FEB2022


      Congratulations to the soldiers of Land Navigation Course class 22-02 (ARMA 3) for successful completion of Land Navigation training! The Land Navigation course is designed teach the fundamentals of basic land navigating skills. This course assists Soldiers in Infantry and non-Infantry fitted rolls to understand the techniques required to land navigate. Students learn navigating from one point on the ground to another point individually. 


      WO1.png.68330bd125bffa17f877f09138d8e2c6.png.d246addae7a2b965ed90b719b8b1e6b7.pngJack Specter

      pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acd.png.b494f56b97b21e74fdff25bc00bc80cc.pngChance Gray

      pv2.png.1d274ecf978e45d51de389c3017f6217.png.ee6ed9dda6d27fa15b99e2b664223bfc.pngRiley Barnes


      msg.png.2ecaf5dce25a6d2a8e953c07ae3472e8.png.eecc824cde9f3fe0576d70f86e33380c.pngChristoph Brock

      sgt.png.70c34451dcf0d5dfe0f98fd359e1dd4b.png.074477e3abd4a696f86237004bf9cbad.pngArthur Pendergast

      cpl.png.bd9337faed072c5c25dbd13c98540307.png.aeb977a990d8c1e5b4ca0122d5941ce7.pngTyler Simmons

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