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    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

      The 18th of January marks the Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 


      Image Credit: The Nobel Foundation

      Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the day where we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. It is a holiday celebrated on the third Monday of January in honour of Martin Luther King Jr and what he managed to accomplish.

               King was the voice and the face of the Civil Rights Movement. A voice which he spoke up against the racial discrimination that occurred in the Federal and State Law. King also spoke up against the racial segregation and the racial discrimination that African Americans faced on different levels of society, and still his voice was one for equality and fairness for all.

               The speeches that King wrote are still remembered to this day, some so imprinted into the minds of people that most will know words from the most famous ones he spoke. His speeches giving words to a future dream that belonged to the entirety of the United States, as equals.


      Image Credit: Rowland Scherman

               Even though it has been a long time since King spoke and those words brought great change to the United States and perhaps many, if not all of those words still hold to this day. Martin Luther King Jr brought a massive change that still continues to this day and probably will for a long time to come.


      We therefore celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, remembering the man himself and the words he preached.

      I have a Dream.” 

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