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    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

      Martin Luther King Jr. Day


      Martin Luther King Jr. Day is used by the United States to symbolize the past struggles in our nation in the fight to achieve equality. MLK Jr. was one of the most prominent figures during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and set himself apart from other Civil Rights figures through his nonviolent approach to activism.  No matter how many times he was struck down by his opponents on his march to equality, he never raised his fists to fight back against the hands that oppressed him. He fought for true equality between all Americans never wanting to see anyone use force to gain an advantage over the other. He fought for these ideals until the day he was tragically assassinated on April 4, 1968, which immortalized him as one of the great leaders of his generation. 


      January 15th was declared a federal holiday in his name to celebrate all he sacrificed and fought for to bring our nation together. January 15th holds great significance to Martin Luther King Jr. as it is also his Birthday. We follow in line with his legacy always striving to stomp out injustice wherever it should rise to honor the late MLK Jr.  Best wishes to all and have a great Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  

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