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    • National Guard Birthday


      The 13th of December marks the birthday of the National Guard.


      The National Guard has a long history of service to the United States of America, the first of which was several militias under the Colonies. The English Colonial government first put these militias properly into action in 1636, while The National Guard as we know it officially got its name in 1903.

               The National Guard or militias as they were called for a long time were used during the early days of the Colonies, often maintaining order and fighting against Native American tribes during those turbulent times. These Militias formed the Army of Observation, which became the Continental Army where the United States Army traces its origins. 

               In the more recent part of its History, the National guard has history in many of the recent conflicts of the last century. Over 40% of US Troop Numbers in World War I, were National Guardsmen fighting in the fields of France. During World War II, the National Guard supplied a whole 18 divisions, many of which suffered severe casualties. 


      Image Credit: Bureau of Engraving and Printing

      The National Guard also served during the Korean War with over 140,000 Guardsmen being deployed, while over 63,000 participated during Operation Desert Storm. Though it was Iraq and Afghanistan where over 300,000 Guardsmen were deployed, along with every division. Still they have also been a peacekeeping force as well in foreign warzones, such as Kosovo and Somalia. 

               The United States National Guard has a long and proud history of serving the United States during its earliest of years up until today. It continues that legacy in assisting locally where disasters strike or to assist local law enforcement with unrest or terrorist attacks and in regions outside of the US.

               We honour those who serve and have served the United States National Guard, remembering those who have fallen or been injured in the line of duty, helping their Nation or their State.

      We therefore wish the National Guard and all of its past and present serving members a happy birthday, one of great history and even greater sacrifice.


      Always Ready, Always There!

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