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    • NATO Forces Search for Nuclear Device in Lithuania

      NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresses revelations that a nuclear device was smuggled into Lithuania with representatives of NATO member states. (Photo: NATO)

      In a shocking revelation, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday that Lithuania is under nuclear threat from Russian separatists.


      Speaking to NATO member states, Stoltenberg admitted that insurgents in the so-called Russian Patriotic Union have obtained a nuclear device and moved it into Lithuania near the coastal city of Miroslavl.


      Stoltenberg added that this is the most serious threat the alliance has faced since the collapse of the Soviet Union.


      Intelligence declassified by the NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre shows documents captured at an RPU base pointed to a mysterious device called the “Tsar Bomba”.


      Further intelligence collected after this discovery indicates that the Tsar Bomba is a decommissioned Soviet tactical nuclear warhead that has been rebuilt into a bomb by the separatists.


      Lithuanian Prime Minister Rolandas Šimonytė said Lithuanian Special Forces are working with NATO and US SOCOM to locate and retrieve the bomb before it can used.


      “No one should live in this fear of nuclear attack. The separatists think they can threaten us into submission, but they will be the ones to face defeat. Lithuania stands united with the Free World against this threat to our nation,” Šimonytė told reporters from an undisclosed location in Vilnius.


      Units organized within the NATO Response Force, including US Delta Force and SEALs units operating in Lithuania, are currently searching for the Tsar Bomba.


      But Russian separatists have fortified Miroslavl and brought in Wagner Group contractors to reinforce their lines, limiting the search.


      Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team continue to hold the countryside around Miroslavl, as both sides watch each other and prepare for the next move.

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