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    • Navy Reserve Celebrates 106th Birthday



      Image credit: SSG C.Brock


      Today the nation celebrates the founding of the US Navy Reserve, marking 106 years of continued service.


      Formed in response to the First World War, the Navy Reserve built upon a long history of citizen service in American waters.


      Over 59,000 Sailors currently serve as Navy Reservists. They stand ready to conduct and support operations of the US Navy and Marine Corps around the globe.


      Reserve Sailors served with distinction in the First World War, deploying at sea and manning anti-U-boat aircraft in the western European Theater. By the end of the war, Reservists outnumbered active duty Sailors.


      This legacy of service continued into the Second World War. Over 3 million Navy Reservists served worldwide in the fight against the Axis powers. Navy Reservists aboard the USS Ward fired the first American shots of the war, sinking a Japanese midget submarine outside of Pearl Harbor several hours before the surprise attack..


      In the aftermath of World War II, reserve Sailors played significant roles throughout the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War, maintaining readiness in an era of evolving global politics and advancing technology.


      Naval Reservists have continued their legacy into the 21st century. Since September 11, 2001, over 70,000 Reservists have served in the Global War on Terror.


      Today, the US Navy Reserve is looking to the future of naval warfare. Formed of men and women of various backgrounds, our nation’s citizen sailors are preparing for the missions to come.

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