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    • New Year's Leadership Promotions


      Photo credit: U.S. Army


      During Ceremony this past Sunday, Major John LaFlash announced several new leadership assignments in Alpha Company.

      The following Soldiers have been promoted to:


      First Lieutenant Bailey Lambert - Platoon Leader:

      Despite the great difference in timezone compared to most of our Soldiers, Lieutenant Lambert dedicates himself to maintaining and improving the 3rd Infantry Division both on and off the field. After a year and a half of time in service with the 3ID, Lieutenant Lambert went from buck Private to Officer and he will tell you himself that it was no easy task. It is because of his vast dedication to the Unit, both on and off the field, that he was recently promoted to O-2 1LT. He holds a total of five DMOS’s, three of which he is the Officer In Charge. As you may imagine this takes a great deal of time and dedication and others and myself have recognized his devotion to the Unit. We thank him for his service to the 3ID and his recent promotion solidifies that gratitude.


      Master Sergeant Jannes Drake - Company First Sergeant:

      Master Sergeant J.Drake has shown that above all else he is a dependable leader and motivator. He frequently tends to Drills on Saturday to supervise and give constructive criticism to enhance Soldier proficiency. He has spoken to myself and others several times regarding things that can be improved upon and he does so in a motivational way. This no doubt has not gone unnoticed by Command Staff as he now holds the rank from Sergeant First Class to Master Sergeant. Hooah, MSG! We couldn’t grow without your leadership.


      Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock - Platoon Sergeant:

      If you have been in the Unit over two weeks I’m sure you have met SSG C.Brock either in training or on deployment. Over the past several months SSG C.Brock has done an outstanding job training, leading and maintaining Soldiers under him both within First Squad: Scorpions and his DMOS members. It is because of his sustained professional attitude towards himself and his peers that SSG C.Brock be promoted to Platoon Sergeant. Myself and others have no doubt that he will fill this roll honorably and efficiently in the weeks to come.


      Staff Sergeant Kalin Grigorov - Second Squad, Squad Leader:

      Staff Sergeant K.Grigorov has been assigned as Squad Leader of Second Squad: Ghosts for as far back as most of us here can remember. He has led his Squad from the front; kicking in doors and taking prisoners for lets just say, extra-curricular activities. He has a personal attachment to his 40mm underslung grenade launcher and has taught those following him to depend on it as well. When the battlefield gets rough, Widowmakers depend on Ghosts to secure the area and assist Scorpions in breaching, clearing and securing objectives. Grigorov has just received promotion to Staff Sergeant this month and it was well earned as he has and will continue to lead Ghosts in the field. 


      Sergeant Anthony Sam First Squad, Squad Leader:

      Sergeant A.Sam is an up-and-coming leader in the Third Infantry Division. He got his start in First Squad: Scorpions before being transferred to Third Squad: Spartans. He was not in Spartans long before returning to the front of the platoon once again in Scorpions. His time in Scorpions has forged him into a leader. He has taken his experience in front of the platoon and transferred his knowledge as a Drill Instructor and Cadre to several training programs. Sam has also applied himself in three DMOS’s and has frequently donated to the 3ID. The Unit would not be as rock solid as it is today without his contributions, both on the field and off. Thank you SGT A.Sam for not only your real life service to your country but to the Third Infantry Division Realism Unit. Hooah!

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