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    • OSUT graduates #24-13

      Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class #24-13 (Arma3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be a full active member of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in their career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah


      Graduates :


      image.png.47b5af101483030fc4f6219698c91ece.png PV2 R.Veneer   image.png.fa18a65c1e98f460ea26c543eb8369d8.png image.png.9520cebc78c0051fb55144509de58066.png

                 image.png.5a62185246c5f1e369ea0630df027f65.png PFC Z.Snowimage.png.1afd9ef99596baa89018a5669df5cc1c.png image.png.7dd8d907c87f8a12330c28f478ef9c26.pngimage.png.2d039dd3d370459df2e602e3e024f881.png 


      Instructors :


       image.png.010b76c4b45e3fa08465eb72acba89ed.png SGT J.Nicholas       

      image.png.29d331809ee241d783a66fc159008ed3.png SPC P.Byrde          

      image.png.6f652d65c209407f8cbe3039f65cd906.png SPC Q.Clayton     

      image.png.7c62f393a763a51945ff4883e078637d.png SPC G.Plunkett   

      image.png.ba407a5bbbf64597bd03a929f71da5dd.png SPC D.Hughson  

      image.png.af45ad58a4b438789b890336f77c5aa4.png WOC J.White       


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