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      Operation Just Cause marked a significant chapter in the history of Panama, culminating in the removal of General Manuel Noriega from power and the restoration of democratic governance. This short paper delves into the key events that led to the end of Operation Just Cause and its broader implications for Panama and the international community.

      Operation Just Cause, launched by the United States on December 20, 1989, aimed to restore democracy in Panama and apprehend General Manuel Noriega, who was implicated in drug trafficking and human rights abuses. The operation faced criticism for its unilateral nature and the use of military force on foreign soil. Nevertheless, its conclusion marked a turning point in Panamanian history.

      The conclusion of Operation Just Cause marked a historic moment for Panama, as it transitioned from military rule to democratic governance. The operation's success in capturing General Noriega and restoring political stability had far-reaching implications for the country's future. While debates persist regarding the legitimacy and long-term consequences of the intervention, the end of Operation Just Cause undeniably shaped the trajectory of Panama's history and its relations with the international community.


      written by SGT D.McKenzie 

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