• Promotion Ceremony | 04 November

    Our new website is live! Take a look around and make yourself at home!
    This month we see Lieutenant Nick Lipnitz retiring from service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years!

    Promoted to Officer Candidate
    Mathew Carter

    Promoted to Sergeant
    Isaiah Delgado, David Keaton

    Promoted to Corporal
    Hunter Hannaford, Justyn Martin

    Promoted to Specialist
    Anthony Jones, Micheal Marks, Corey Miller, Yarden Nissan, Jack Ryan, Mike Tymms

    Promoted to Private First Class
    Luka Gregurevic, Harvey Moro, Timothy Whalen


    Meritorious Service Medal
    Arthur Cantu, Dana Cantu

    Joint Service Commendation Medal
    Elgin Gilmore

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Brad Ahles, Kalin Grigorov

    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
    Justin Franc

    Army Achievement Medal
    Garry Beaudoin, Wolffe Fives, Geovanie Hernandez, Arba McCullough, Jack Ryan, Daniel Shade

    Good Conduct Medal
    Brad Ahles, Matthew Baldwin, John Bolten, Mathew Carter, Wolffe Fives, Jackson Fortune, Justin Franc, Maarten Gregoire, Dakota Hicks, Joe Lex, Justyn Martin, Israel Rangel, Joseph Rizzo, Daniel Shade

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Yarden Nissan

    Operation Freedom's Sentinel Service Ribbon
    Valorous Unit Award
    LTC J.LaFlash, CPT D.Cantu, CPT A.Cantu, CPT Q.Simmons, CPT D.Strickland, 1LT B.Boville, 1LT D.Hardy, 1LT D.Lipnitz, 2LT J.Johnson, 2LT N.Lipnitz, 2LT R.Mellott, 2LT M.Murakami, SGM R.Wendt, 1SG E.Gilmore, , CW3 B.Ahles, CW3 J.Lex, CW2 J.Franc, MSG N.Primrose, SFC G.Beaudoin, SFC H.Lipnitz, SFC A.Lunsford, SFC J.Rizzo, SFC E.Verhein, SSG W.Fives, SSG P.Grewal, SSG K.Grigorov, SSG J.LaFlash, SSG D.Shade, SSG M.Miller, SSG J.Mott, SSG C.Murdoch, SSG S.Peterman, SSG H.Strickland, OCS M.Carter, SGT M.Baldwin, SGT A.Bee, SGT M.Benitez, SGT G.Bluehair, SGT P.Fransson, SGT D.Keaton, SGT B.Langford, SGT J.Rauan, SGT P.Stowe, WOC M.Gregoire, CPL G.Ancheta, CPL J.Feagin, CPL H.Hannaford, CPL D.Hicks, CPL J.Martin, CPL A.McCullough, CPL W.O’Reilly, CPL I.Rangel, CPL I.Steacie, SPC M.Berdeaux, SPC J.Bolten, SPC T.Bowen, SPC S.Canning, SPC B.Denlis, SPC J.Fortune, SPC G.Hernandez, SPC A.Jones, SPC L.Lambert, SPC M.Marks, SPC C.Miller, SPC Y.Nissan, SPC E.Piispanen, SPC J.Ryan, SPC C.Sheffield, PFC D.Fernandez, PFC T.Laramee, PFC S.LaVie, PFC N.Moreira, PFC A.Rizzo, PFC K.Shriner, PFC E.Watson, PFC T.Whalen, PV2 W.Bensink, PV2 T.Bridges, PV2 D.Bursac, PV2 A.Hoser, PV2 B.Pond, PVT D.Schneider, PVT G.Sharp, PVT B.Tulip


Edited by CPT A.Cantu

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