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    • Recruiting Ultimate Showdown Competition


      Ladies and Gentlemen, Enlisted and NCOs, grunts and flyboys, we are here to announce 2021's Enlistment Competition, the RECRUITING ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!

      Only the fiercest soldiers have a real chance on this competition, those who can smell fresh meat miles away and pounce on them like his predatory animal of choice. Starting today October 3rd, the clash of soldiers will go down until December 5th, and here's what you need to know:

      • The competition begins October 3rd and ends December 5th!
      • To enter the raffle, you must recruit a minimum of 5 Soldiers that enlist into the ranks of the 3rdID.
      • For every soldier recruited, this will enter your name in the raffle with 1 ticket, be sure to have them add your name in their application!

      "But hey, what will the winner take?" you may be asking, fellow soldiers, and we will tell you right now!

      You are not only competing for the glory, renown, and prestige of being the 3rd Infantry Division top Recruiter, oh no! A $50 Steam Gift Card, which will be raffled off, is also on the line! So, the more fresh meat you bring in, the more tickets you have, and more chances of getting those sweet, sweet 50 bucks worth of video-game home with you.

      Last but not least, the raffle will be done on live stream December 5th Award Ceremony by the man, the myth, the legend, our Commanding Officer Major J.Laflash!!

      So get ready to rumble, soldiers! Good luck!!

      (we tried to get John Cena for that, but MAJ John LaFlash will have to do)


      Publisher: Public Affairs Journalist, Specialist C.Moalli

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