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      Squad Designated Marksman Course is the initial qualification course for the unit’s Designated Marksmen. Soldiers train using the M-14 DMR to engage point targets day or night from 500 to 750 meters. The squad designated marksman is a secondary role that qualified Soldiers can fill according to mission requirements. The course consists of use of the Kestrel device, range finding, optics, and long range shooting under stress using the ACE3 Advanced Ballistics system in combinations with a newly developed skillset going beyond equipment. 

      Congratulations to those who not only managed to complete their training, but also overcame the challenge of a two man mission and all logistical and tactical issues that arise from it. 

      Congratulations to the class of 23-01 


      sgt.png.fb057752c444c89155b76fa31d99af68.png.89ad137f199ad36d1ff360ab016886c0.png SGT D.Marsh

       spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.1f8d042a5704a2947f98bac506bddf70.pngSPC C.Silva

      WO1.png.6a764e40271c156d9bfa0fe439335954.png.1d1f0b4d5930325d0af3f1ea86ee1cc0.pngWO1 A.Nikeus


      2LT.png.3613029b07857fd22ad593dbe7fb8394.png.b70368c4820ee30e106dcf2ab707cfb5.png.bc44c4a6e4545b882a7509f28bd07d68.png 2LT A.Vandle

      sfc.png.f69440ab1926958b16146495e0d60fa8.png.aa2e18ee5048a324ed79ea0147e65b98.pngSFC C.Winters

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