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      With the rather knowledgeable fact that Arma 3 is a hard game to keep and to find players, a change within the 3rdID is finally needed. Rumours have been spreading throughout the unit and hopefully I can either confirm or deny certain events. I had the honour of speaking with Major Laflash just a few days regarding these new radical changes to our unit. 

      "Major, could you tell me something about these new and radical changes to the 3rdID?"

      "Of course. We all know arma 3 is quite the dead game and us in C-Staff have been discussing this for over a year now."

      "That must mean the direction you are taking is quite the important one?"

      "Myself and the rest of C-Staff have been in heated discussions regarding this matter."

      I continued asking questions, but Major thought this such an important interview that we were soon joined by the rest of C-Staff. With them all there i knew the importance had just gone up tenfold.

      "So, can you tell me what this great change truly is?"

      "It is the move to bring us more players," 1LT Drake added.

      "Not to hold you back much longer, we considered half a dozen options, but we finally found the one we wanted. Games such as squad was on the table but it would offer little to us. That is why we found the option of creating a new branch for our unit."

      I was on the edge of my seat at this point curious to see which option would be picked. 

      "That is why we Decided to to create a Bravo Company that is dedicated to the game Roblox. This is where we are certain the unit must go to continue its growth and stability."

      "So, there will be a bravo company being launched?"

      "We are excited to finally share the news," major said with excitement.

      I myself was baffled by the news. A Bravo Company was great news, though it took me a moment to process it all. Yet this seems to be the next step for the 3rdID and a great step along the way to get more players! We shall keep an eye out for this new Roblox Bravo Company!

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