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    • The Captain's Speech

      This is a written version of the speech given during the retirement of Captain J.Drake. 


      "Some of you may find the following story "cringe", others might not care at all. But I hope some of you will find some inspiration. I'm going to tell you the story of when I rejoined this unit, and how it has helped me.

      I rejoined this unit in 2020. I was fresh out of an extremely toxic relationship which left me alone, without friends, demoralized. In the first few weeks of being back, it was obvious that this was the right choice. Not only would it take my mind off things during our weekend events, or during the weekdays slaving away at some DMOS work. I quickly bonded with a lot of you, some of you are still here today, some have left to pursue other ventures, like I will after this ceremony. The members in this unit made me feel less alone, they made me laugh my lungs out like nobody ever has, we've created REAL memories together that will last decades. The severe shortage of leaders back then made it easy for me to progress and rebuild my confidence through leading you all. After a year or so, I reconnected with a lot of my old real life friends. I gained new confidence, found new ambitions and reconnected with my past. This unit has done more for me than a psychologist could ever hope to achieve with a patient. I hope this unit can do the same for you. That it may help you in your personal lives as it did in mine.

      For many this is just 6-or-so hours a week, but for some this unit means a lot more. If you put in the time, effort, and you stay motivated, you will eventually reach the goals you set out for yourself. And remember, patience is key. People are stubborn. Be open and not only listen to those around you, but consider their opinions when making decisions. To quote a famous person "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand" Mathew 13:13. This is even more true for leaders, because I know for a fact that a squad leader, or a team leader, has a much better idea of what's alive in the unit than any C-Staff member. Compromise and transparent communication is what my leadership style is based on, and I hope I passed some of that down, even if it's just to one of you.

      Anyway, I'm just rambling on at this point. I can hear you all thinking; "The old retired man is already starting to quote Jesus". So this is the end for me, but the unit will chug on. There'll be ups and downs, but those who are strong enough to stick through it will prevail. I wish that you all may find what you're looking for here. And we'll meet again on TeamSpeak or other places.

      Thank you for having me and enjoy your 4th of July celebrations. "

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