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    • US Army Reserve Birthday



      The US Army Reserves has a proud history stemming back 113 years. Evolving from a small corps of medical professionals to the best equipped and most ready Army Reserve in the world. A prime example of the US Army Reserves is the valor of the 100th Battalion/442nd Infantry Regiment during WWII. During that time awards included but not limited to the following: 560 Silver Star Medals, 21 Medals of Honor and seven Presidential Unit Citations.

      Before WWII the Reserves was mainly a medical unit for infantry and other frontline units. However due to the sheer scale of WWII the US Army Reserves was forced to expand, recruiting thousands to assist Regulars and to fight Axis forces in Europe directly. With the success of the expansion of troops the US Army Reserves still remain a sizable force today.

      As COVID-19 ravages the USA and other countries, roughly 8,000 Reserve Soldiers from more than 250 units deployed to 23 countries worldwide in order to battle the pandemic. With vaccinations seeing an enormous increase this past few months, it would seem the end is just around the corner. Even in times of relative peace, the US Army Reserves still keeps to its roots by providing medical help to those in need. This is a prime example of the importance of the Reserve Force and why even today the US Army Reserves is a key element in America’s interests both foreign and domestic.

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