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    • U.S. Army To Celebrate 245th Birthday


      Graphic credit: U.S. Army


      This Sunday, the United States Army celebrates over two centuries of service to our nation. The Continental Congress established the Army on 14 JUN 1775, making it the oldest branch of service.


      First formed as 10 Rifle Companies to unify Colonial forces, the Army has grown exponentially over the course of its history. It currently numbers over 1 million Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel, with more than 180,000 Soldiers stationed in over 140 countries.


      Throughout United States history, American Soldiers have fought in dozens of conflicts, facing off against countless enemies around the globe. These men and women have always stood true,  protecting the freedoms and opportunities those before them earned the hard way. From the very beginning, they have earned the respect of a proud nation and a grateful world.


      Always working to improve itself, the United States Army continues to develop its organization, personnel, and military capabilities. Currently undergoing a renaissance after two decades of combat in the War of Terror, Army leaders are preparing for whatever may come their way. Despite the uncertainties of an ever-changing world, today’s Soldiers stand ready to close with and engage any and all potential enemies of the future.


      General George Washington, first Commander of the Army, wrote: “There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.”


      Military stations worldwide will be joining in the celebrations this weekend. A number of virtual events will be shared online, including:



      • 1900 - *Virtual Event* - FLAGSHIP Event: "The Army at 245: An American Celebration" (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)


      Sunday, 14 JUN also marks Flag Day, commemorating Congress’ adoption of the “Stars and Stripes” as the official United States Flag in 1777. Communities nationwide will join in on the celebrations of our nation’s Colors.





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