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    • US Hostages Rescued, "The Chief" Escapes


      Picture of the two US Servicemen who were held hostage and later rescued. The Chief is also pictured here in this obtained photograph.


      During mission Silver Warhammer, First Platoon Widowmakers were tasked with securing a GSIM occupied city, extracting two US hostages and capture or killing the mastermind behind GSIM’s activity in Central Mali – the Chief.

      Following aerial insertion to FOB Longbow, First Platoon Widowmakers embarked northwest to the city of Kedougou and formed an assault formation before pushing into the city. The city of Kedougou was heavily fortified with bunkers and heavy static machineguns defending the southern entrance into the city. Widowmakers took casualties upon crossing into the city but quickly reorganized and continued to push through the city.

      Urban fighting continued for roughly another hour and each inch of terrain had a price. Widowmakers took considerable flak from the enemy before locating ammunition and vehicle supply stations. Demolition blocks were placed and blown once Widowmakers maintained a safe distance and the fight for Kedougou continued.

      Shortly after destroying the vehicle and ammo dumps First Platoon made their way to OBJ Mace and found the two US hostages and extracted them successfully from GSIM control. Unfortunately the Chief had become aware of Widowmaker’s intent on capture or kill him and he was able to escape via helicopter from the objective.

      With the hostages secure all that is left for Widowmakers is to locate the Chief’s new location and capture or kill him. He is likely to be guarded with a sizable GSIM force and the fight to capture him will most likely not be easy.

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