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    • Victory day - Europe


      In war, theres only two sides, the winners and losers. Thats all that decides over who is right and who is wrong.

      8th of may 1945 marks the offical Victory day in europe. A day of celebration as good won against evil.
      Since 1939 the Allied powers (Britan, France, China, US) have fought over the fate of the entire world, against the axis (Germany, Italy, Japan). This conflict has seen millions of dead, in total over 70 million of dead, be it soldiers or civilians. Be it in combat or concentration camp. American GIs fighting in france of Iwo Jima, the French resistance fighters, the Polish pilots in britain or the jews concentration camps.

      One might say that war is horrible, the other that war is great, nonetheless war is time of great inovation as Radar, Penicillin or Jet engines thank this war of existance, yet only few will try to guess what would happen to these inentions if not for the war, but the biggest innovation was the nuclear bomb. It made the future of the planet uncertain, well it rather made the end of our civilization certain. A thermonuclear annihilation.

      We shall remember their deeds today, what they lived and died for. What they fought for.

      "Your name is unknown. Your deed is immortal" - Tomb of the Unkown Soldier (Moscow)

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