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  • Sergeant Brian Beaudoin

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Captain Cantu is proud to recognize Sergeant Brian Beaudoin as our America's Army Soldier of the Quarter, SOTQ, for fourth quarter of 2016. Recipients of the SOTQ are those soldiers who are active for the 3 months of that quarter and who go above and beyond the normal call of duty. These soldiers truly set the example and exemplify what it is to be a “Rock of the Marne”. Candidates for SOTQ are recommended by Platoon, Squad, Fireteam, and DMOS Leadership. Candidates are then reviewed by BMO staff to determine if the soldier has been active the entire time, performs a uniform inspection, speaks with their Chain of Command about their performance, and in some cases may conduct an interview with the candidate.  Sergeant Beaudoin enlisted in May of 2016 and has since gone on to serve the unit with distinction. He has become a FireTeam leader in Bravo Company, First Platoon, First Squad “Jesters” and leads his team with pride, setting a great example for all soldiers. He has been a driving force and integral part of the team opening up our support for Insurgency. He single handedly created our BCT map for Insurgency and worked closely with Platoon and FIG staff to get BCT up and running. He also has spent time on our Insurgency servers actively working to bring in new recruits. He is truly an asset to his Squad, Platoon, Company, and to the Third Infantry Division as a whole. 

    Tell us a little about yourself.  So for 15 yrs I a supervisor for Lauther Amusements,  which is a Carnival based out of Gibsonton FL. During that time i had the opportunity to get my class A CDL and fracture critical 3G and 4G weld cert. So for the last 3 yrs I have lived in Utah as a welder and now just started truck driving. As a personality aspect of myself, I love to work on about anything (if it is broken i try to fix it).  

    What is your favorite aspect of the unit? Well i would have to say it is the friendly atmosphere u get the opportunity to meet and talk to so many ppl from all around. The variety of personality in the unit just make the place incredible.  

    Any favorite memory that has stuck with you? You know its not so much a favorite memory that sticks out as much a moments i get a kick out of. But i bet at least twice a month i will be sitting in teamspeak and someone will report into channel and start talking to me for a few minutes before i realize that there thinking i am SSG G.Beaudoin. The best was when i was just a SPC and they jumped in to ask me what i did to get demoted. 
    Tell us a little about your DMOS work. Oh man with RRO it is a blast i get the opportunity to meet the new members and introduce them to the unit i would say out of all of what i do this is by far the best part. You get the opportunity to find out what kind of person they are and help them out getting moving in there new squad. Then from there i am in FIG so i get to help them move forward a little bit more. 
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers?  Have fun. I mean that is what we all log on for at the end of it all. 
    What army value is the most important to you and why? I would say Integrity. Nothing more I respect out of a person then standing there ground on a personal or moral belief. I was never a person then could stand someone that would swap their statement just because they were in a different crowd then a crowd they were in the day before.. 
    What motivates you? I have a drive to get things done. If I volunteer for a task, I give it my all. I think the things I do will benefit the unit and my fellow soldiers, so when I make a commitment, it’s going to get done.

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