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  • Corporal Brian Boville

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Captain  Cantu is proud to recognize Corporal Brian Boville as the Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter.   
    Tell us a little about you. So, I am pediatric ICU doctor...mid 40's with a wife and 2 boys.  I enjoy gaming, fishing, shooting and model railroading. 

    Why did you join the unit? I joined the 3rd ID to find a group of brothers/sisters that share the same qualities I find important, respect, honor, integrity... it is hard to find that in many groups.  The 3rdID balances that and just a plain fun group of  military minded folks. 

    Favorite aspect of the unit? Definitely the people.  I enjoy everyone... it is fun meeting people from walks of life I don't get to meet very often... 

    Tell us about your DMOS work. DMOS work is as RSO.  I hope to be a Drill SGT eventually.  It is fun because I have been through both Arma and AAPG BCT/AIT and have done training with both.  I enjoy getting to know people from both Alpha and Bravo companies.  One of my favorite times as RSO was when the Major pulled me up (as a mere SPC) to his room and asked for me to help qualify the WHOLE company on the range for an upcoming OP...how could I say no? It was cool...got to know a bunch of Alpha company and had fun.  Plus, the Major qualified me... kinda cool. 

    Any funny/memorable moments? Well, I remember a few sitting in teamspeak between games or drills.  One certain mis-send by SGT Coy to SGT Sieber about a certain.. hmmm... easily carryable device had us rolling on the floor...all of Wardogs. LOL.  Probably my second came last week in our FTX... PVT Mori and I        executing a perfect pincer attack on an unsuspecting soldier (omg, SGT Sieber again...hmm)...that was awesome. 

    Any advice for your fellow soldiers? Get to know your squad.  Hang out (when you have time) in your channel and chat.   Some fun times with that.  Also, listen first.... and seek to understand. 

    What motivates you?  Well, first comes family and God.  Second, I guess would guess would be my career. I have dedicated myself to saving the lives of children.  Pretty cool that I have been given the gifts to do this and honored truly that I am allowed to.  It is a calling though and the hours stink sometimes...hence why sometimes I game in spurts! 

    What army value is the most important to you and why? Selfless service is mine... kind of my life.  Thankfully my wife and children realize that when I miss or am late to stuff, it is for a reason.  It pales in comparison to the sacrifice of true soldiers, who I truly do respect and honor for their sacrifice. 

    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit? Well, I would say have fun and remember perspective.  Everyone has one and we can all learn from them.  Some of my best gaming (heck, life, really) moments have been from what others told or taught me. 

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