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  • Corporal DANA CANTU

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

     Major LaFlash is proud to recognize our first Soldiers of the Quarter, SOTQ, of 2015. Recipients of the SOTQ  are those soldiers who are active  for the 3 months of that quarter and who go above and beyond the normal call of duty. These soldiers truly set the example and exemplify what it is to be a “Rock of the Marne”. Candidates for SOTQ are recommended by Platoon, Squad, Fireteam, and DMOS Leadership. Candidates are then reviewed by BMO staff to determine if the soldier has been active the entire time, performs a uniform inspection, speaks with their Chain of Command about their performance, and in some cases may conduct an interview with the candidate.

    When enlisting in August of 2014, CPL Cantu had no intention of assuming any leadership roles. She was only looking for friends to play AAPG with. Under the leadership of SGT Hoehn, she quickly found herself being trained and pushed towards those leadership roles. She has since become a valuable asset to the unit, performing DMOS duties diligently, leading her squad with professionalism and discipline. She truly works hard to ensure her squad is the best in the unit.  
    Accomplishments of Fourth Quarter, 2014:  

    • 12 APR 15:  Awarded Army Achievement Medal
    • 13 MAR 15: Assigned as Squad Leader 2/3/A/1/2/3rdID
    • 01 MAR 15:  Promoted to Corporal, Awarded Armed Forces Service Medal,  Awarded Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    • 02 FEB 15:  Assigned as Fireteam Leader 2/3/A/1/2/3rdID
    • 04 JAN 15:  Promoted to Specialist 

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