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  • Staff Sergeant Daniel Hardy

    Alpha Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Major LaFlash proudly recognizes Staff Sergeant Daniel Hardy as our AmrA Soldier of the Quarter, for second quarter of 2016. Recipients of the Solider of the Quarter are those soldiers who are active for the 3 months of that quarter and who go above and beyond the normal call of duty. These soldiers truly set the example and exemplify what it is to be a “Rock of the Marne”. Candidates for SOTQ are recommended by Platoon, Squad, Fireteam, and DMOS Leadership. Candidates are then reviewed by BMO staff to determine if the soldier has been active the entire time, performs a uniform inspection, speaks with their Chain of Command about their performance, and in some cases may conduct an interview with the candidate.    
     Staff Sergeant Hardy has been very dedicated ever since she enlisted in February. Having successfully served as a Fireteam Leader and Squad Leader, he now holds the position of Platoon Sergeant for First Platoon Widowmakers. He sets a great example and a high bar for his fellow soldiers, and leads with passion to his unit. He is dedicated to his DMOS work. 

    Tell us a little about yourself. Well I am currently a full time student at one of my local universities, doing a dual degree on business management and tourism and hotel management. Then doing a bit of holiday work here and there at the good ol’ YMCA.  
    What is your favorite aspect of the unit? I think it is the fact that one face of the unit is the professionalism side of it, when everyone needs to have their game faces on, doing all the milsim kind of stuff. But then there is the other side of it where people can go into squad channels and let their hair down and kind of speak casually like you would with a couple of mates. The comradery that builds up as well. 
    Any favorite memory that has stuck with you? Whenever I think about it, I can always remember the 40 minute jog for air assault school. Just talking whenever you caught up with someone and have a bit of a talk and drop back and talk to some other people. I really found air assault school just the jogging, kind of team building section of it really enjoyable just because I had the chance to chat with new peoples, especially when I was so new to the unit. 
    Tell us a little about your DMOS work.  I dabble in a few things, part time PAO broadcast specialist; I’m in the works of recording ceremonies. Also an SDC with ROO and a drill sergeant with FIG. I think with SDC getting to meet all the new people that come into the unit, it’s always good to see the fresh blood that is coming in. Just getting a feel for them, especially being a squad leader, it is useful. 
    In your opinion, what do you do that makes the most positive impact on the unit? Building relationships with people no matter what the rank is. 
    Any advice to give to your fellow soldiers?  I think the main thing for people to remember that even if you are not part of ROO, everyone is essentially a recruiter for the 3rd Infantry Division. Whenever you are in a public spot, it is always important to maintain professionalism, because you are the public face of the unit, you are what everyone first sees when they join TS or a public server.  Make sure you are setting a good first impression for anyone who  sees us. 
    What Army value is the most important to you and why?  The two main ones I feel are respect and selfless service. Just because respect I such a common value, not just in the army, but everywhere in life you always need to show your respect, whether it’s to your employers or whoever you need to talk to. I think selfless service is just a common value for everyone, you should always try to put others before yourself. 

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