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  • Specialist Elijah Thomas

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    Captain Strickland is proud to recognize Specialist Elijah Thomas as the Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter.

    Why did you join 3rdID? I joined because i wanted be to part of a group that focused on teamwork and realism that had progression over time as well as a regular active player base.

    What is your favorite aspect of the unit? I have a lot but my favorite is the realism aspect. I love the teamplay working together and the activity level.

    Any funny moment throughout your time in the unit? The funniest one is when a group of us were playing late at night on the arma server playing hearts and minds. We were doing ied searches we thought we found one so we went up to disarm it when we got up to it it said not an ied we started going back to our mrap when we stepped away it blew us and our team up.

    Any advice to give your fellow soldiers? Be patient respectful honest, better learning teamwork.

    What Army Value is the most important to you and why? Respect. A man who is respectful knows his boundaries, his friends' limitations, and can act accordingly and mutually with his teammates.

    Any valuable lessons you have learned while being in the unit? Teamwork is key always try to work together

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