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  • Sergeant Hunter Strickland

    Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter

    First Lieutenant Strickland is proud to recognize Sergeant Hunter Strickland as the Bravo Company Soldier of the Quarter.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I am a 8th Grade Student of Trinity Middle School in Washington, Pennsylvania. I am part of the Student Council that helps the community as well as the school district. I
    am part of the high school football and baseball teams that work year-round. I work out almost every-other day to keep up my strength for both sports and as well as
    chores around my house.

    What Motivates you? What motivates me the most is seeing others work hard. Seeing them makes me want to work ten times harder than them. I always strive to do everything to the best of
    my ability and then try to do it even better.

    What do you think will continue to keep the Unit Growing? I think being active, recruiting, and having a “family” community within the unit will make it grow. We need to express that we are the best unit out in the gaming worldand be on to prove that. I also think we need to get our teamspeak out to more people that can experience the tight-knit group that haves fun almost everyday.

    Where would you like to see the unit go in the next few years? I would love to see the unit gain a Charlie Company for Insurgency itself. I would also like to see AAPG have at least 2 platoons.

    What are you the most proud of that you have done for the unit? I can’t really say ,that I believe is, what I do anything noteworthy. If I would have to say I would say that the most proudest thing I have done was getting the Draft Nightsback and being persistent on the UMM Server up and running for AAPG.

    Any favorite/funny/memorable moments throughout your whole time in the unit? I think almost everyday I make a memory just being in the pub channel playing with our squad mates and having a good time. I honestly believe that the time I spend here is always a memorable moment. I would have to say my most memorable moment would be when I shot 1LT D.Cantu and said, “ Hi LT!”

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